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Regional News of Monday, 16 September 2019

Source: Senyala Castro

National Youth Authority inaugurates Youth Parliament in Navrongo

Members of the Youth Parliament. Members of the Youth Parliament.

A district level Youth Parliament has been inaugurated in Navrongo in the Kasena-Nankana Municipal Assembly of the Upper East Region.

The youth Parliament was inaugurated by the National Youth Authority (NYA) to serve as an advocacy and empowerment platform for the development of young people and the Navrongo area.

The parliament is also expected to build the confidence level of young people, equip them with proper leadership skills and qualities so as to be able to take up leadership roles in the future.

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony held in the Kasena-Nankana Municipal Assembly hall on Saturday, the Director of Programs and Operation for the National Youth Authority (NYA), Mumuni Sulemana, explained that the authority set up the youth parliament to give young people in the municipality the platform to participate in the decision making processes at all levels to champion development.

He said the development of the country rests largely on the shoulders of the youth who make up a bigger chunk of Ghana’s population and that accounts for the reason the authority is relentless in its efforts to rope them in on matters and decisions of national interest.

Mr. Sulemana said the parliament has been created, devoid of politics, to help address critical issues that affect society such as sanitation, drug and substance abuse.

The director made some observations of proceedings of the house and admonished members of the parliament to at all-time suggest constructive and alternative ways to dealing with issues affecting the area.

He said: “today, we have come to officially inaugurate the Navrongo Youth Parliament and as a parliament, it is supposed to serve as an advocacy and empowerment platform for the development of young people. It is not a platform that people should think they are preparing them to unseat their Parliamentarians but a platform that will equip them with proper leadership skill and qualities that wherever they are given leadership roles, they are able to play them without any fear or favour.

This platform will help build their ability to articulate and build their confidence level. As an authority, we know the only way Ghana can develop is to give the young people the platform to participate in decision making at all levels.

They are admonished to always give constructive and alternative ways of getting things done at the district level”. He admonished.

Mr. Sulemana challenged the parliament to bring change and make the needed impact in the municipal. He also encouraged members to use more of our local dialects and avoid excessive use of the English language in their engagements since that could actually rob them of the true essence of the initiative, which is to represent the people.

“the youth parliament at the district level shouldn’t just be that of the grammar type where people come and speak big, big English. It is about community impact. It is about making change in the community and for that matter, we will even encourage local dialects as they do their deliberations”.

Humphrey Atiiga, Coordinator of the Navrongo Youth Parliament, said the initiative will greatly empower young people to actively participate in making decisions that affect them in the communities.

He said the parliament will help address some of the moral weaknesses that are eating deep into the fibre of society and causing problems for citizens.
He urged members of the parliament to use the opportunity to hold leaders and duty bearers’ accountable for prudent management of state resources.

Speaker of the youth parliament, Salifu Saibu Demah Selanwiah, explained the good the initiative would add to the promotion of democracy in Ghana’s governance system.

He said population growth over the years has created the need for people to have fair representation in governance and decision making at all levels.

Mr. Selanwiah said the youth parliament will use very decorous, persuasive but legal language to make sure duty bearers’ and leaders do the right thing.

He appealed to leaders and duty bearers’ not to view the youth parliament as people who want to “pull them down or litigants, or people who are ready to make their administration difficult”, but “as responsible people who want to support in the development of the municipality and country as a whole”.

While assuring the people of responsible leadership and a promise to hold offices holders account in all activities, Mr. Selanwiah called on authorities to support them with the needed resources to address some challenges and enhance their work.

William Aduum, the Kasena-Nankana Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), cautioned members against mingling discussions of the parliament with political coloration, stating that, it could deviate the purpose for which it was set up- which is to cause development in the area.

The MCE reminded them and reiterated the need for members to play their roles effectively and to put the Kasena-Nankana area first and foremost in every aspect of the parliament’s deliberations.

He assured the house that his office will be open for talks on issues concerning the parliament.


The National Youth Parliament of Ghana concept is a platform for young Ghanaians between the ages of 15years and 35years who are given the opportunity to hold leaders accountable and to engage policy makers and duty bearers on core issues that impact the future of the youth of Ghana.

It was established by an act of Parliament through the National Youth Authority (NYA) in 2016, under act 939, which clearly indicates that the National Youth Parliament is recognized by the constitution of Ghana.