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Politics of Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Source: xfm 95.1

Nana Akomea condemns politics of insult

s; says the Ghanaian voter is worried
about important things

The Communications Director of the opposition New Patriotic Party, Nana
Akomea says the politics of insults that is gradually eating into Ghana
politics will make ³no political impacts² as ³the ordinary man on the
streets² is worried about more essential things.
³If even it was making some political impacts, you could say maybe there is
some justification for it. The ordinary man on the street who is worried
about electricity bill and the power going on and off, who is worried about
galamsey and flooding, who is worried about school fees which has gone up
etc; they are not bothered about insults they want their problems to be
addressed. So the insults, you don¹t even get any political mileage out of
it,² Nana Akomea was speaking on the big bite about the politics of insults
that members of both the NDC and NPP occasionally engage in and how the NPP
flagbearer, Nana Akuffo Addo view it.
Asked if he would condemn John Kumah¹s allegation that President John Mills
was gay, Nana Akomea said ³absolutely², however adding that John Kumah¹s
allegation was ³only a reaction to the insults that have been going on
against NPP leaders especially Nana Addo². He said members of the NPP have
been giving warnings, ³that if this insults don¹t stop, the NPP will also
engage in insults², adding, ³that is not what we want; we condemn it but if
we are pushed to the wall, this is what is going to happen².
³If we want to discuss the issue of
water and electricity, but our opponent wants to insult our leader, we will
be forced to reply. We will not cast the first stone but if somebody throws
a stone at us, we will not fold up our hands and say we are saints, we will
continue to talk about water and electricity when somebody is spewing out
terrible lies about our leaders.²
Nana Akomea said since ³nobody has a monopoly on insults² the onus lies on
all political leaders ³to take a bold stand so that the issues that really
confront people can be addressed², adding, ³Nana Addo shares this view
Xfm 95.1/ Accra/ Ghana

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