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Politics of Wednesday, 15 June 2016


Nana Addo is coming like 'Kakai' - NPP to NDC

The Greater Regional Women's Organizer of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), Madam Joyce Zampare has posited that, the presidential candidate of the elephant fraternity is coming like 'kakai' unto the incompetent National Democratic Congress (NDC), and an 'angel' to deliver Ghana from its 'fall'.

Speaking to Rainbow Radio 87.5FM, she said the centre cannot hold in the NDC, as the foundation of the party is currently shaking because the storm from Nana Addo, has hit hard at them.

Nana Addo she explained is now a scare to the NDC but a beacon of hope for the electorates who are highly disappointed in the current administration led by President Mahama.

Madam Joyce Zampare called on the NDC to wake up from their slumber because, they will be kicked out from the Presidency for exhibiting gross incompetence, mismanagement and wide-spread corruption.

According to her, she finds it strange that a President who keeps touting his achievements, claiming to win the election one touch will be shaken when Nana Addo hits the grounds with his campaign.

"If indeed President Mahama's works will keep him in office, why then should he be campaigning for votes? He should not waste his time to canvass for votes. It is needless."

She said, the NPP is not worried that the NDC has hit the ground with their so-called Accounting to the People Tour.

"Nana Addo started his Arise and Build tour before President Mahama begun his Accounting to the People Tour. What is scaring the NDC; Are they afraid they will lose the elections; because Ghanaians are now awake and are solidly behind Nana Addo, who has promised to deliver to them a first class governance?"

"President Mahama's tour is nothing for NPP to be concerned about. Nana Addo will win the elections and continue from where former President Kufour left off. We are focused, we are keeping our eyes on the ball and we are sure of victory 2016."

The outspoken female politician chided the NDC, for mocking Nana Addo's try me appeal, saying that, there can be no testimony without a test.

"Change is coming because Ghanaians are calling on Nana Addo to come to their rescue. That change will come because, the people have commended Nana Addo for his 'prophesy' four years ago that, Ghana will be down if NDC is voted into office. Nana Addo is asking Ghanaians to vote Mahama if they are satisfied with his achievements. But if they are struggling, then they should vote against incompetence, mismanagement and widespread corruption."