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Politics of Thursday, 27 August 2020


NPP gov’t is a fraudulent one – Malik Basintal

Malik Basintal, NDC Savanna Regional Public Relations Officer Malik Basintal, NDC Savanna Regional Public Relations Officer

The Savanna Regional Public Relations Officer for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Malik A.Y. Basintale posit that the Nana Akufo-Addo led governance is a 419 and a fraudulent government that is here to deceive innocent Ghanaians.

In an interview with Johnny Hughes on the New Day morning show via zoom, responding to the question concerning the manifesto of the ruling NPP, the communications officer said that the manifesto clearly shows that the government is nothing but a fraud which has nothing to offer Ghanaians but lies.

The ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) on saturday 22 October,2020 in the Central Region at UCC, declared to the good people of Ghana their intentions as what they will do when given the power to continue their term in office.

SEND Ghana and IMANI Africa, after the launch have come out with a report stating that the manifesto was rushed and again has no timeline respectively. In the light of this, Mr. Bansintale has agreed adding that the content of the manifesto were all lies and bogus.

“The manifesto was not only rushed and has no timeline but to me it was naughty, bogus and empty. It will not benefit the people of Ghana in any way, this government is a 419 and a fraudulent government because i can tell you emphatically that all that they said were all lies.”

He further explained that he was surprised to see the NPP stand before the whole Ghana and the people of the Central Region to fabricate lies. They have promised to tackle new projects whereas they could not deliver what they promised in their first term; which means when they come again they will leave some projects under scrutiny which is equivalent to wasting the nation’s money, he said

Malik Basintale declared in surprise that the NPP allowed themselves to be turned into a laughing stock to the people of the Central Region, because of the lies they poured out in their manifesto.

“The reason is the NPP said we can never have an airport in the Central Region but today they are promising them airport, they also promised clean Accra but what do we see on our streets and our lagoons here in Accra? All lies how fraudulent this government is.”

He added that DCEs, have disgraced the vice president by writing down things that do not exist for the vice president to read, all this will be the reason for the NPP to be a laughing stock because every Ghanaian knows they are lying.

A number of political analysts have asked for clarity with respect to the NPP Manifesto. The NDC is yet to lunch its manifesto on August 31st in Accra.

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