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General News of Thursday, 18 March 2010

Source: Chronicle

NPP Vows to Resist Propaganda Trials

THE NEW Patriotic Party (NPP) has stated that current agitations within the National Democratic Congress (NDC) for the prosecution of government appointees of the previous government for unstated offenses as completely baseless.

The NPP has consequently cautioned that it would fiercely resist, at all levels, any persecutions and politically motivated trials of former NPP ministers and appointees by the NDC government.

"It is nothing, but a product of the campaign of falsehood churned out by the NDC in the build-up to the December 2008 elections," a statement issued by the Communications Director of the party, Mr. Kwaku Kwarteng, has said.

He said the sources of these agitations are the gullible sections of the NDC, who seem to have bought their party's false and unfounded propaganda - that the NPP ministers and appointees were corrupt.

The Communications Director suggested that the law takes its course, if former appointees, through due process, are legitimately found to have involved themselves in unlawful conducts, saying that the party (NPP) believes that state institutions must be allowed to work without interference.

He said such due process must interrogate the conduct of not just government appointees under the former NPP administration, but also those under the former NDC administration.

According to him, there were many cases involving appointees of the former NDC administration (some of them the subject of the Auditor General's findings) that require further action.

Mr. Kwarteng registered the NPP's strong opposition to the manipulation of the state's security services and judicial system to persecute appointees of the former NPP government, in response to useless agitation from gullible sections of the NDC, who believe the falsehood churned out by their party leadership in the last electioneering campaign.