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Diasporia News of Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Source: Public Relations Committee, NPP-USA

NPP-USA Congratulates Organizers of Dumsor Vigil

We followed with great admiration the enthusiasm, commitment and determination with which some conscientious Ghanaian celebrities offered themselves to be the voice of the voiceless at this crucial stage in the life of our nation. We admire the fact that they came out of their comfort zone to speak against the unacceptable power rationing that has been the bane of our nation's socio-economic progress.

"Dumsor", which has finally found its place on Wikipedia and other internet search engines, has been the longest power rationing that our dear country has ever experienced. The repercussions have been huge and telling. We have had accounts of surgeons in hospitals having to use torchlights in the middle of surgery because "dum" occurred. Midwives have not been exempted from this abhorrent experience. Many are the babies in recent times who, but for torchlights, would have been delivered in total darkness because of power outage. Lives have been lost in homes through fire outbreaks triggered by erratic power, while home appliances have been damaged and rendered useless by such power fluctuations. Many businesses have collapsed, resulting in massive job loss because of the incompetence and inability of John Mahama and his team to address the dumsor problem. This is how low our nation has descended.

It was therefore welcome news indeed when some celebrities stepped up to publicly vent their spleen through the "dumsor vigil" which took the numerous demonstrations that have been staged against dumsor to a higher level. The insults hurled at these celebrities, especially from the seat of government, should be condemned in no uncertain terms. They were repugnant, uncivil, and undemocratic. Yet, there was no condemnation from President John Mahama against such unwarranted vituperation by persons at the Flagstaff House. Such a leader we have!

Thus far, the Mahama-led NDC administration has appeared clueless about how to solve the protracted dumsor crisis, despite the ostentatious borrowing and spending by the government. The only thing they are concerned about is how to fashion out some Ponzi schemes to siphon the taxpayers' monies from the public kitty. Pervasive corruption is the hallmark of this administration, while core socio-economic problems have been relegated to the background. It is for this reason that we call on all well-meaning Ghanaians to stand up against the incompetence and insensitivity of John Mahama and his coterie of friends at the helm of affairs.

In the light of this, we very much applaud Yvonne Nelson, Barima Sydney, Lydia Forson, Sarkodie and all the other celebrities who stepped out to add their loud voices to the call to stop dumsor. Likewise, kudos to all the organizers and participants. The turnout was great, and your deafening voices from the vigil grounds could even be heard by those in the bowels of the Flagstaff House. You have made a case for the suffering Ghanaian. You have served God and Country.

Let the protest continue across the country, unabated, until a better condition of life for Ghanaians is achieved. Indeed, Dumsor Must Stop!

We say "ayekoo". Well done!