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NPP-USA Congratulates Offinso MP And Warns Coup Makers
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Diasporian News of Friday, 27 October 2006

Source: Prince Osei- Bonsu PRO

NPP-USA Congratulates Offinso MP And Warns Coup Makers

The energized NPP-USA congratulates the newly-crowned MP, Dr. Owusu Achaw Duah, on his impressive win on Tuesday October 24th in the parliamentary election in Offinso-South. Additional shouts of “well- done” go all the way to the President, H.E. John A. Kufuor, through the NPP Secretariat led by the Chairman Mr. Mac Manu, via all the Ministers and MPs and to the 65% of the voters from the 98 polling stations who agreed that: “YES, WE SHALL CHOOSE TRUTH OVER LIES, SUBSTANCE OVER FEAR AND VOTE FOR NPP TODAY, TOMORROW, IN 2008 AND BEYOND!”

In an address to a group of Ghanaians in New York City, the Chairman of NPP-USA, Mr. Kofi A. Boateng added that:

“ Our note of congratulations also goes with a warning to anyone; be they a former President or a Fight Lieutenant, that, any thoughts of destabilizing Ghana through undemocratic means and intimidations will be met in kind and shall not succeed. We have come too far and have much more to accomplish than for any one person to stubbornly believe that Ghana was made for him only; and the rest of us should run just because he wakes up, misses power and begins to shout. This individual should appreciate the peace he has been personally accorded, something that was impossible during his own reign. Ghana is much bigger and much more alert. Its Diaspora is engaged and flexing its muscles of constructive partnership. We invite all our brothers and sisters to join us with their contributions to raise significant sums to ensure that the “baby” democracy in Ghana continues to grow into a strong “adult” to make any empty threats of coup d’etats just that- empty. Look at the many achievements of the Kufuor administration: roads that traverse the entire country, funds that build schools and hospitals everywhere; employment that is created from north to south, freedom that allows even a self-confessed coup-maker and ethnic instigator to threaten openly; a resurfaced Ghana that attracts tourists and record amounts of MCA funds etc. etc. Do the sensible thing- forsake a return to the dark and bloody days of “you know who” and his camouflaged NDC and raise a resounding invocation of a vigorous FORWARD MARCH by voting massively for NPP in 2008 and many more years to come! Join our “2 by 1” initiative where NPP-USA will raise $200,000 not from any “oil-rich country” but from our masses of Ghanaians in the US by at least 2,000 people contributing $100 each. This will only be the first installment to send a loud message that where others thump their chests in threats and boasts, we unite, act and win.”

Long live Ghana! Long live unity! NPP Victory in 2008 and Always!

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