General News of Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Source: peacefmonline

NPP Forced and Organized Pastor Otabil’s Press Conference- NDC

The deputy propaganda secretary of the National Democratic Party(NDC), Solomon Nkansah, has alleged that the recent press conference held by the General Overseer of ICGC to clear the air surrounding the tape which captures his voice teaching against the free SHS promise, was organized by the NPP as a result of the incessant pressure they mounted on the teacher on daily basis.

Mr. Nkansah noted that it comes to him as a surprise that a motivational speaker like Dr. Otabil would stoop low for the NPP to use him for their political agenda.

He stated that it also baffles him that Pastor Otabil, never held such press conferences in previous years when issues surrounding his persona came out.

"In 2008 when his name appeared on the hit list, did he hold any press conference...? I wonder why he kept mute when the publication emanated from NPP newspapers and had no source. Certain men of God who have been polling agents for the NPP before like Rev. Asante Antwi, even came out to say it was a true story. It took President Mills to call Rev. Otabil to cure that mischief".

On Monday, the celebrated man of God held a press conference and gravely pleaded with President Mahama to restraint his "surrogates" from twisting his messages for political gains.

He further laid blame on the surrogates for doctoring separate messages he had preached in the past to make it appear as if he was ridiculing the NPP’s SHS policy.

But Mr. Nkansah reiterated on Okay FM’s Ghana Decides programme that he was fully convinced that the press conference the renowned evangelist held was not his will but that of the NPP who forced him to do it.

"He (Otabil) is being persistently haunted by the NPP...the man’s press conference is as a result of serious pressure, insults and undermining from the NPP,people still underestimate their mischievous acts." "My grandmother once told me that I shouldn’t mistake the eye of the crab for a stick, when the NPP descends on you, you are in trouble...Mensah Otabil is a chaff for the NPP as compared to the pressure they mounted on former president Kufour for failing to endorse the candidature of Nana Addo on Okay FM sometime ago", he said.