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General News of Monday, 9 May 2011

Source: The Ghanaian Lens

NPP Force Kwesi Twum To Get Rid Of Bobbie Ansah!

“We Will Not Give You Business If We Win In 2012” They Threaten!!!

They will like the whole world to believe that they are the doyens of Ghana’s democracy and believe in the tenets of democracy, freedom of the press, and free speech, but time without number, the NPP has proven that it cannot tolerate being told the hard truth.

The NPP is quick to point fingers at the NDC, but it is crystal clear that the NDC has a bigger heart to tolerate criticisms.

Left to the NPP alone, every radio and TV station, as well as newspaper, must daily sing the praise of the party even in the face of the great harm that Kufuor and his gang of looters inflicted upon Mother Ghana in the 8 years that they mismanaged the affairs of state.

Even though the sycophancy and praise singing did not make them win the 2008 election, Jake and the NPP still want to swim in media sycophancy and not being told the truth hence the attempt to get rid of voices that cannot be bought. Having succeeded in turning some media men into its shameless propagandists, the NPP is finding it difficult to accept that it is not everybody who has a price tag on his/her conscience.

One media person who is being hounded by Jake and the NPP, is, Nana Bobbie Ansah, host of Asempa FM’s ever-popular Eko Sii Sen programme.

Towing the middle line and hitting hard at every political party cum persons as and when the spotlight touches them, Nana Bobbie Ansah has continued to incur the wrath of the NPP.

Just because he is not prepared to be anybody’s paid agent or lapdog, and doing a professional job, the NPP is making moves to get him removed from Asempa FM. The Ghanaian Lens has picked up very credible information that for some time now, Jake and a few NPP bigwigs have been calling Kwesi Twum, CEO of Multimedia (owners of Asempa FM), to get rid of Bobbie Ansah.

Using both overt and covert ways, the NPP continues to pile pressure Mr. Kwesi Twum to everything possible to get rid of Nana Bobbie Ansah.

According to the information that The Ghanaian Lens is picking, Jake and co are asking Kwesi Twum to abrogate the long-term contract that Multimedia has signed with Bobbie Ansah.

Obviously, Jake and co don’t give a hoot about the legal consequences of Kwesi Twum terminating the contract that Multimedia has signed with the gentleman. As far as Jake and co are concerned, Bobbie Ansah can go to hell.

Indeed, Jake and co are of the view that the courts are packed with pro NPP judges and so should Bobbiee go to court, he will not get judgment in his favour.

For a group of people who were able to disrespect the laws of Ghana for the 8 years they were in power (including packing the Supreme Court to get a decision in their favour), it is not strange that they will be forcing Kwesi Twum to disrespect the contract that Multimedia has signed with Nana Bobbie Ansah. Having all kinds of dreams and deluding themselves that the NPP will win in 2012, Jake and co are threatening that if their wish is not done, not to give Multimedia any business when they are in power.

The pressure on Kwesi Twum took a different turn when the likes of Dan Botwe also entered the fray last week threatening the CEO of Multimedia that if he does not get rid of Bobbie Ansah, the NPP will punish him for it.

“Because they know Kwesi Twum is a businessman who will want to see his business grow, they are hoping that the threat that they will not do business with him will scare him into doing their bidding” a source told The Ghanaian Lens. As an alternative way so the matter does not end up in court, information being picked up has it that Jake and co are asking Kwesi Twum to send Bobbie out of the country on a long course which will keep him out of the country next year; the election year.

“All they want is for Bobbiee to be out of town next year so as a way of not ending up in court if the contract is terminated, they are asking Kwesi Twum to arrange for a foreign training programme for him so that he will be away from the country so they can have an NPP lackey on Eko Sii Sen to do the NPP’s bidding” the source added.

It is not known whether Kwesi Twum, who was recently defamed by NPP’s Kennedy Agyepong (when the latter alluded to the fact that the former is associated with the illicit drugs trade), will succumb to the pressure of the NPP and give away one of his priced assets.

Also, in the wake of attempting to rebuild the image of Joy FM’s News Room after allowing the NPP to destroy it by using the likes of Ato Kwamena Dadzie, Evans Mensah, and Araba Koomson, to manufacture and fabricate stories, it would be sad if Kwesi Twum acquiesces and does the bidding of a group of people who almost collapsed the empire he was worked so hard to build.