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General News of Tuesday, 29 November 2016


NDC rubbishes bribery allegation against Mahama

The John Mahama 2016 Campaign team has dismissed allegations that President John Mahama and his brother, Ibrahim Mahama attempted bribing the Northern Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

It has urged Ghanaians to treat any such allegations with the contempt that it derseved as the NPP has mastered the art of facbricating stories in the period leading to elections in an attempt to influence the minds of the electorate.

According to Mustapha Hamid, spokesperson to the NPP Flagbearer Nana Akufo Addo, the president and his sibling in October this year approached Daniel Bugri Naabu with two SUVs, GHS3.3 million, GHS500,000 and other goodies so that he would ditch the NPP and to allege its flag bearer is tribalistic and intolerant to people from the Northern extraction.

Addressing a press conference on Tuesday at the headquarters of the NPP in Accra, Mr. Hamid said the bribe was meant to inveigle the Northern regional chairman of the party to resign from the party and launch tribal attacks on it.

“He was supposed to resign from the NPP, damage Akufo-Addo as an anti-Northern person, a rabid hater of Northerners and in turn, they were going to give him: a brand new V6 Mitsubishi vehicle, [and] a brand new V8 Land Cruiser, GHS3.3m.

“Bugri Naabu is owed by government to the tune of GHS247,000 from road contracts that he has done which government has not been paying for several years. They promised to pay that money instantly and then on the spot, they brought him GHS500,000 cash in GHS50 notes. Ibrahim Mahama dropped it right in front of him [Bugri Naabu],” alleged Mr. Hamid.

He continued: “It’s terribly sad. This country is in serious trouble, we need to rescue this country from serious trouble. The presidency has been so depraved, so muddied, so dirty that I tell you in all sincerity as a Ghanaian that I feel terribly sad as a Ghanaian.

“And then they gave the money to Bugri Naabu and he took the money and left, it was a Friday, 28th of October 2016, so the very next day was a Saturday and Bugri Naabu found one Prudential Bank that he knew would be opened at that time; that Abossey Okai branch of Prudential Bank and then he went and deposited the money in his account. His account number is 0090985590013, account name is Daniel Bugri Naabu.”

However, speaking on Asempa FM’s Eko sii sen show Tuesday, the Campaign Coordinator, Kofi Adams stated that the allegation falls flat as the NDC knowing the sort of person Bugri Naabu is, would never use him in such a deal.

“What I heard the NPP say at the Press conference requires someone with high a very high level of intelligence to do. I’m not sure Bugri Naabu meets up to that standard. With the sort of poor quality of leadership he’s giving his party in the Northern Region, Bugri Naabu should not be the one to be engaged in such a move.”

“In 2008, NPP hired a gentleman, killed a goat and smeared its blood on his cloths claiming he had been beaten by NDC supporters, of which the NPP held a press conference about. The NPP has mastered the art on fabricating stories. What can’t they do?”

He continued: “This is a party which per its history is quick to hold press conferences anytime elections are approaching and make such allegations. In 2008, the NPP came out with a hit list claiming ex President Rawlings sent a mail to state that the persons on the list would be killed as soon as the NDC won the election.”

Kofi Adams added: “The won the election in 2008, Pastor Mensah Otabil is still alive and moves freely around and still preaching. Indeed President Mahama recently gave Otabil’s university a charter, no one even attacked him with a blade, but the NPP could sponsor an agenda that there was a hit list. The NPP knows that the elections are up by next week so they are out there to throw dust into the eyes of Ghanains to get the electorate to vote against the NDC and President Mahama, but that will not wash.”