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General News of Monday, 20 June 2016


NDC hasn’t fulfilled 60% of promises – Blay

The opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) has accused the Mahama administration of failing to deliver on, at least, 60 per cent of promises made to Ghanaians in its 2012 manifesto.

Acting NPP chairman Freddy Blay, who spoke in an interview with Class News, said the NDC government is clueless about how to solve the economic challenges that have bedeviled the country.

“Government should be creative enough, should be innovative, and, therefore, find ways and means of ensuring that the national kitty is full, or to some extent, if not very full, quite sizeable that we all will enjoy from it and, therefore, we don’t always need to import”, he stated.

“…If you tax them and keep taxing them over rent, electricity, water and so on and so forth, there will be a time they will not be in a position to pay. There could even be a social [uprising], we want to avoid that. We, when we come to power, will reduce it. We told you we will reduce tariffs on electricity, we mean it.

“The NDC has no clue…right now, they are talking about blaming ECG for the introduction of some billing system and so forth and nothing has been done…they have been exposed over it. They are lying, propaganda; we don’t want to do that. That is why we are coming out with a good manifesto. In their case, more than 60 per cent of what they promised …in their manifesto, either King James Version or the new version, which we complained and they changed, they have not fulfilled them. 60-70 per cent of them, they have not fulfilled”.

Mr Blay also told Class News that an NPP government would revive the National Identification System. “We will bring about in the first year National Identification so that everybody else will be known as to where he is, where he lives and so on and so forth, so it may not have even been necessary for us to hustle over EC’s register if they had [continued] what we started in 2007/08”.

“The National Identification [Authority], they messed it up for good reasons and this is what we are saddled with, but we will bring it up so that we will know who are in this country, where you live; are you paying your taxes? You spread the taxes for people not to suffer. Those are some of the policies that our manifesto will come out with”, he added.