General News of Tuesday, 31 December 2002


NDC celebrates J.J?s Second Coming

The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) is celebrating the 22nd anniversary of what leaders of the party describe as the 31st December revolution. That revolution resulted in the overthrow of the government of Dr Hilla Limann by a group of junior military officers led by Jerry John Rawlings.

Described as the second coming of JJ, the coup took place just a few months after Rawlings, who had earlier staged a coup in 1979, handed over power to Dr Limann’s civilian administration.

Until a few years ago, 31st December was a public holiday. Commentary on the revolution period is dominated by the human rights abuses perpetuated by the cadres, soldiers and supporting students and youth. But those who supported the uprising talk about the achievements of the period in terms of political stability, encouraging grass root participation in local development among others.

The NDC, an offshoot of the PNDC says the events of December 31st 1981 marked a major paradigm shift in national development efforts. On the occasion of 22nd anniversary of the uprising, the NDC says 31st December achieved significant successes in various areas of national life.

A statement from the party says the new level of political and security consciousness is a result of the long period of stability enjoyed following 31st December 1981. The statement congratulates all Ghanaians and cadres whose toil and sacrifices contributed to the historic transformations of the era.