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Politics of Thursday, 23 June 2011

Source: The Informer

NDC Youth Strip Akomea Naked

As NDC Youth Strip Akomea Naked: Ask For

His Dismissal, John Buadu Speaks and Says;


News Desk Report

Having reduced himself to ground zero, Akomea has rubbed off the NDC wrongly and the Youth Working Committee (YWC) of the party has not only taken him to the cleaners; but asked Akufo-Addo to immediately dismiss his Communications Director; and ask him not to speak on his behalf.
Speaking at a well-attended press conference yesterday at the Kuuku Hill Campaign Center of the NDC, the YWC did maximum damage to the image of Akomea, as it exposed the hypocrisy and stinking double standards of Akufo-Addo and the NPP.
In fact, the NYWC has called on Akufo-Addo to immediately dismiss Nana Olege Akomea, because he has turned himself into a serial liar who is dropping his lies all over the place like a goat suffering from diarrhea.
The single purpose press conference was to let the world know how annoyingly hypocritical Nana Akufo-Addo, Nana Akomea, and the NPP are, vis-à-vis the commissioning of projects and cutting of sods by His Excellency President Atta Mills on his working visits across the country.
Addressing the media, Mr. Peter Boamah Otokunor, produced a booklet compiled by the then NPP Government to showcase their achievements (?) during their first four years; the content pointing to Akufo-Addo, Akomea and co being a bunch of highly hypocritical people, who think they can hoodwink or delude the Ghanaian electorate into once again giving them the mandate to move the nation forward in the wrong direction.
Delivering the blows to the ribs and jaw of Akomea and the NPP, Peter Otokunor gave a detailed account of the useless things that Kufuor and the NPP catalogued as their achievements; wondering why a group of people who hanged on to straws a few years ago, are today berating President Atta Mills for hanging on to solid branches.
In the said 70 paged booklet titled “4 Years Of Positive Change; So Far So Very Good”, Otokunor drew attention to President Kufuor’s commissioning of HIPC-toilets, as part of his achievements.
Exposing the NPP further, Otokunor drew attention to pictures of a monkey in the Fiema Monkey Sanctuary in the Brong Ahafo; Kufuor laying a wreath on the grave of Dr. Busia in Wenchi; Vice President Aliu Mahama kicking a ball to open a fun games; a statue of King Tackie Tawiah and some rather laughable pictures.
As disgraceful a group as the NPP is, the booklet also has pictures of Elmina Castle and Kintampo Water Falls; as if to say that the Castle and the Water Falls are the creation of the NPP.
The first half of the booklet was dedicated to Kufuor’s foreign travels as well as his interactions with foreign dignitaries.
Of course, Kufuor’s official hobby on his official CV, is, Travelling; so it is not surprising that Kufuor considered his numerous travels to be great achievements.
According to Peter Otokunor, the NYWC was surprised to hear Nana Akomea deny that the NPP owned the booklet.
According to Otokunor, what has angered the NYWC the more, is, Akomea’s attempt to create the false impression that the booklet was produced by the NDC to discredit the NPP.
The NYWC further exposed the lying antics of Akomea via John Buadu’s admission that Nana Akomea lied when he said the document did not belong to the NPP.
Mr. John Buadu exposed Akomea’s penchant for lying when the junior Communications Officer confessed that the booklet was the bona-fide property of the NPP.
According NYWC, John Buadu’s confession justifies their call for Akomea’s dismissal because the Communications Director is not fit to occupy such a high office.
If Nana Olege Akomea was thinking that he would be able to wear the “Serial Liar” crown of Kwamena Bartels, and go scot-free, then Akufo-Addo’s Communications Director was not thinking straight.
As if he has been cursed; ever since he took over as Akufo-Addo’s Communications Director, Nana Akomea has become a conscienceless and notorious serial liar, who has lost whatever credibility he used to have.