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Diasporian News of Saturday, 9 July 2011

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NDC UK Youth Wing calls for succesful congress


The Youth Wing of the NDC UK/IRELAND Chapter wish to call on the Party leadership, the National Executive Committee and the entire membership of the party especially the youth, foot soldiers and party activists to ensure a peaceful congress.

We call on His Excellency, President John Evans Atta Mills and former first lady and leader of 31st December women’s movement, Nana Konadu Agemang-Rawlings and their Campaign and Communication Teams, to be cognisant of the fact that Congress 2011 and its outcome is not about any individual candidate but about the overarching interests and victory of the National Democratic Congress at the 20102 elections and beyond.

We call on the Candidates, their Campaign Teams and the entire membership of the NDC to be mindful of their utterances both on and off the platforms at congress after the determination of congress and to respect others views and overall, celebrate our diversity which are the key ingredients that unite us as a party.

In our view, a successful congress will help build on the Party’s credibility as a dynamic and Democratic Party, which represent the interests of the people of Ghana. We note that for the first time in the country’s history, an incumbent President is being contested for the flagbearership his party. This is a testament to the Party’s democratic credentials. We call on the party leadership and all delegates who attend congress to show maturity and discipline and not to do anything untoward for our detractors to capitalise on to their benefit. We also call on all delegates who attend this important congress to close ranks so that in their deliberations are able to identify and harness all the opportunities presented to help reshape and to build a stronger and a more dynamic party capable of contesting the 2012 elections and beyond.

It is imperative that the NDC and the entire membership especially the youth of the party, as well as the contestants, are reminded of the Better Ghana Agenda/manifesto on which Ghanaians gave us the mandate in 2008. We must all ensure that nothing is done during and after this congress to destabilise that Agenda. We call on all delegates to remain united in purpose to ensure the elephant remains in the bush where it belongs. We are confident the great NDC will bring about the social justice, political and economic stability that will benefit all Ghanaians.

We take this opportunity to call on party youth and ‘foot soldiers’ and all party activists not to allow themselves to be manipulated by any of the contestants and their agents to indulge in acts unbefitting of the spirit and letter of the congress and of the NDC as a peaceful, diverse and truly democratic party.

We add our voice to the call to all party faithfuls to unite behind the government of His Excellency, President John Evans Atta Mills after the congress no matter the outcome; to ensure the continuous and effective delivery of the Better Ghana Agenda. We urge all and sundry to use the available internal channels of communication and dispute/conflict resolution within the party to settle all differences. We also call on the losing and winning candidates and their supporters to be gracious and magnanimous in both victory and defeat for the overall good of the party.

Gameli Hoedoafia (Youth Organiser)/ Spinoza Ayisi-Aboah (First Deputy) 07904886202/07946206597 LONDON, UK, 7 JULY 2011

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