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Opinions of Monday, 3 December 2012

Columnist: Sarpong, Justice

NDC Rigging In Motion, Questionable EC Car Accident

NDC rigging operation has started with a staged one car accident involving the voting materials to the Ashanti region. Why is everything involving the election troubles coming from Ashanti region? Because that is how the NDC government wants it to be. Can anybody believe this one car accident as recountered below?

"A truck conveying electoral materials from Accra to Kumasi was yesterday involved in an accident at Akyem-Asafo, near Bunso in the Eastern Region. The truck with registration number GE 4320-11, was carting 15 boxes of posters and 20 boxes of laptop batteries to Kumasi when the accident occurred about 12.30 p.m.The materials were reported to have been scattered all over the place when the pick-up ran into a ditch.The car was said to be overtaking another truck when the driver realized that another one was heading his direction and so had no option than to veer to the side of the road to avoid a collision, landing in a ditch.In the process, the election materials flew out of the vehicle but no injuries were reported.According to sources, all the election materials have been collected and repackaged and has arrived at its destination."

Was there any Police report made about this accident? Ndc is laying the groundwork to reduce the voting numbers from Ashanti region, the NPP stronghold through intimidation and other means. I can smell a rat in this so called accident. It was reported that the voting materials were scattered all over the place and I will not be surprised many of these voting materials are in the hands of NDC Operatives who collaborated with the driver and some EC officials to spill Ashanti region materials to create shortages during the voting process. Ashanti region is going to have problems with equipment malfunction intentionally created and will be blamed on this accident since the batteries to operate the Biometric machines took a tumble in this accident.Why do I believe this? Listen to what Asiedu Nketiah, General Mosquito, the NDC General Secretary is saying now.

"The NDC wishes to place on record that some of the sealed sacks containing ballot papers destined for Ashanti Region were found to have been damaged exposing the contents on arrival in Kumasi.We are yet to receive satisfactory explanation to this occurrence and assurances that these incidents have not affected the integrity of the ballot papers in the Ashanti Region already."

Johnson Asiedu Nketiah

General Secretary

"We are yet to receive a satiafactory explanation to this occurrence" REALLY? Asiedu the proverbial "ANOMAA KOKONEKONE" is in his elements creating doubts already. He is definitely aware why the voting materials have been compromised but playing the goody-goody two shoes trick to absolve his NDC planned and executed car accident. Asiedu Nketiah is being mischevious here. Is he telling Ghanaians that NDC is not aware of the accident they themselves staged at near Bunso in the Eastern Region.? To avoid any controversy surrounding Ashanti region, the EC should send new voting materials including batteries and biometric machines immediately and destroyed those materials that were involved in the accident.

Two days after the peace accord signed between all the Presidential candidates for a peaceful election, an NDC Opearative, Marfius by name who caused trouble with his colleagues during the Biometric registration at Kronom, a surburb of Kumasi and should have been arrested but was allowed to roam freely attacked peaceful NPP house to house campaign in Ashanti New Town by discharging his gun in a populated center in Kumasi . The said Marfius received a beating which he rightly deserve and is now receiving treatment at Okomfo Anokye Hospital. He might ride straight to the NDC Party Headquaters to collect his insurance from the NDC HEROES FUND created to reward these trouble makers or somebody might have to push his wheelchair for him to enjoy his HEROES FUND bonanza winning prize. GOOD FOR HIM.

NPP officials should take this case up immediately and investigate how the voting materials arrived at its destination. Who the driver is and the names of all the EC Officials that brought the voting materials to Ashanti region.

Ghanaians want a peaceful election and the EC should do everything possible to insure that they discharge their duties without any manipulation from the ruling government. We have only one Ghana and nobody should be allowed to destabilize the peace we are enjoying because the President wants to cling on to power to avoid investigation into his corrupt administration.

Justice Sarpong

Houston, Texas