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General News of Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Source: Front Page Newspaper

NDC Cocaine Guru Abandoned

Cocaine Here, Cocaine There, Cocaine Everywhere (2)

…As Woyome scandal rocks NDC

The faith of one of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) financiers, Alhaji Sulemana Musah, popularly known as ‘Alhaji Dan’ seems to be diminishing as plans to send in lawyers to defend him hanged balance.

The suspect, who was arrested in the USA in December last year was waiting for his party to come to his aid to at least if found guilty would not be sentenced to 15 years imprisonment but as luck eluded him on his trip to Uncle Sam’s town, another luck has also eluded him here in Ghana as the Woyomegate scandal sets all government machinery into confusion.

As was reported by this paper in its last edition, the embattled NDC guru who allegedly donated pick-up trucks to the party during the 2011 July Sunyani congress was expecting some help from the party to his defence to squash the jailed sentence to a minimum.

Signals picked up by Front Page alleged that a meeting was to be held by the NDC to summon the Attorney General (A-G) Mr. Martin Amidu to put in defence by sending somebody to Uncle Sam’s land to help Alhaji Dan when the Woyome scandal rears its head involving the gargantuan GH¢58million.

According to the investigations, it was alleged that Alhaji Dan, a close pal to certain personalities in government (names withheld) was arrested with seven others in possession of substance suspected to be cocaine worth US$5million. It was alleged that as the NDC legal team was preparing to go into “battle” with the Uncle Sam’s legal team to try to defend or reduce the sentence if found guilty, A-G, Mr. Martin Amidu has chicken out due to his response to the pro-NDC newspaper publications. A close friend to Alhaji Dan who gave this information on the condition of anonymity hinted that, the wife who recently went and gave birth in the USA and other relatives are currently persuading some NDC party big shots for assistance but only to be ignored by the NDC government on the grounds that the opposition will take them on if it come to public.

The family’s hope was also slammed when the Mr. Martin Amidu dropped his bombshell that some people allegedly fleecing the state in the name of political party which has initiated his exit from government that is yet to be confirmed. The A-G’s assertion that there has been some crime against the nation by some criminal-minded individuals parading as party members were causing harm to the corporate body of Ghana in the name of their political affiliations and that he was against the use of the party name to commit crime.

This brings to mind when the President said to the whole world that he does not trust his own men when it comes to drugs and since then there has been many drug related issues against the NDC government who preached Heaven on Earth for Ghanaians.

The NDC after three years in power have rocked by huge financial malfeasance including the Alhaji Muntakas, the Stan Dogbes, the Woyomes and other gargantuan crimes the A-G is yet to give names.

Question the political watchers are saying is that is President Mills ready to fight corruption, because sacking Mr. Martin Amidu, the A-G what he was supposed to do by law was asked to resign and those who were fingered in various malfeasance are still in government and untouchable.