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NDC Canada Chapter Elections
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Diasporian News of Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Source: Fred Tay, Secretary, NDC Canada

NDC Canada Chapter Elections

We thank Accra for their letter dated August 14, 2009 confirming the legitimacy of the NDC Canada Chapter’s leadership under Mr. Kofi Sordzi. This information clears the cloud that has been hanging over the Chapter for long. We are therefore appealing to honest, dedicated and law abiding members of the Party in Canada to adhere strictly to the information from Accra.

Accordingly, we encourage all branches to forward the names of their executives and members by email to Mr. Frederick Tay, the Secretary of NDC Canada Chapter. Moreover, members who are in the process of forming new branches are also advised to expedite action in this regard and inform the Secretary accordingly.

Furthermore, all those who are planning to run for executive office are requested to send their resume detailing their qualification, pertinent experience and the executive position applied for to the Secretary not later than September 30, 2009. In order to ensure fairness and transparency an electoral commissioner will be appointed to conduct the elections. The current Chairman and Secretary will not run for any position.

Hopefully, on Saturday, October 17, 2009 Chapter elections will be held to elect new executives to run the Chapter. The venue will be decided later.

Here are the executive positions that will be available for contest:

1. Chairman

2. Vice Chairman

3. Secretary General

4. Deputy Secretary General

5. National Organizer

6. Deputy National Organizer

7. Treasurer

8. Deputy Treasurer

9. Women Organizer

10. Deputy Women Organizer

11. Youth Organizer

12. Deputy Youth Organizer

Eye Zu Eye Za. Eme Fa Mia Mia Mia

Mr. Kofi Sordzi, Chairman, NDC Canada Chapter

Mr. Fred Tay, Secretary, NDC Canada

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