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General News of Monday, 10 July 2017


NACOB considering confiscating properties of Former MP, Eric Amoateng

The Narcotics Control Board is considering seizing the properties of the former MP for Nkoranza North, Eric Amoateng, who was arrested for drug trafficking and prosecuted in the US in 2005.

According to the Deputy Executive Secretary of NACOB, Michael Addo, the delay is due to their inability to get details of the judgement from their United States.

“As soon as you are arrested for drug offence, we go after your properties…It depends on the collaboration you have with the international partners, you know…we need to have the conviction that was given over there, the judgement that was given overseas. If we have that, based on that, then we will be able to go for seizure and the confiscation…We are waiting for some judgement from outside." he said.

The Deputy Executive Secretary of NACOB said one major challenge affecting the operations of NACOB is delays in the release of funds allotted to the board.

“Our budget is over 20 million in a year…What happens is that for our salaries, they are paid, but for that which we will use to run, sometimes we get short of it, not all is given. Sometimes we are given more, sometimes we are short of the budget that was given us.’

Deputy Executive Secretary of NACOB, Michael Addo, said this makes it difficult to carry out their responsibilities as they are unable to fund their projects and costs when low on budget.

The activities carried out by the Narcotics Control Board include prevention of drug trafficking, mainly at the borders and airports of the country and the education of society on drug use.

He also said that in recent times, the use of synthetic drugs is on the rise and in preventing this, they have to monitor the importers of pharmaceutical chemicals since synthetic drugs are made from them. Without their entire budget released on time, they are unable to effectively do this.

Deputy Executive Secretary of NACOB, Michael Addo, went on to advice society to avoid criminalizing users of narcotic substances because many of them were lured into the use of the substances especially in high school.

Rather, drug users and addicts should be supported and helped to break their addiction.