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Religion of Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Source: GNA

Muslim Youth advised to turn to Allah in all situations

Ghanaian Muslim youth have been called upon to turn to Allah in every situation they find themselves, seek forgiveness from Him and refrain from judging others for their deeds.

Delivering a sermon during congregational or "Jummah" prayers last Friday at the Ghana Muslim Mission in Accra, Mr. Nurudeen Quaye, Regional Imam of the Mission, said Allah was ever ready to forgive all for their sins.

He said every human being was bound to make mistakes but that people should never be proud of their sins, quoting a verse from the Quran where Allah says that “For those who engage much in Allah’s remembrance, for them has Allah prepared forgiveness and great reward”.

Mr Quaye noted that Allah said He shall continue to pardon humans so long as they supplicate Him and hope for His mercy.

“O son of Adam, if thou comes to Me with an earth full of defaults and meets me, not associating anything with me, I would come to thee, with an earth full of forgiveness”, he quoted.

He said Satan tried ceaselessly to disengage the minds and hearts of men from the remembrance of Allah even during prayers, but it was the duty of men to fight and resist him, even during prayers.

Mr Quaye entreated all Muslims to be mindful of their language, do good deeds, and avoid evil in order not to earn the anger of Allah, saying it was important to approach prayers or remembrance and repentance with keenness and passion.**

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