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General News of Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Source: Dominic Jale, Kofi Safo Antwi, (THE SUN )

Mpianim's 'boy' to face CHRAJ

…Over Bogus Sale Of Seized Vehicles

Smooth-talking but recalcitrant Kwasi Ankamah, for years the Special Assistant to the Chief of Staff oldie Kwadwo Okyere Mpianim, is to be dragged by all his legs and hands to the Commission for Human Rights And Administrative Justice (CHRAJ), over the fraudulent allocation of seized vehicles supposed to be auctioned to the public.

Among a tall list of a litany of unending accusations are that the Chief of Staff’s assistant, audaciously seized a complainant’s Isuzu Elf Truck which the victim claims, has been the personal rendevous vehicle of a top NPP stalwart all these five years.

Yet again remains an Agency at the Ministry of Finance which partners the military cum Police team to claw taxes for the state that was also slated to benefit by five cross-country cars. The story doing the rounds with irrefutable evidence has it that Ankamah allegedly supplied only two of the five, after which he changed the rest of the three and sold them elsewhere to a customer of dubious address.

Quite apart from that, several people are waiting on the sidelines to join hands with any of these complainants, who first brave the storm by drawing first blood with a complaint against Ankamah before the CHRAJ.

One of the complainant who is too ready to trade legal blows on a toe-to-toe basis right before CHRAJ lamented just how Ankamah had viciously kicked against boss Mpianim’s directive to him to replace his cross country wagon seized on a flimsy excuse.

“Several calls and visits to his office at the Osu Castle have unsurprisingly gone unanswered and I shudder to think if indeed this is the GOLDEN AGE OF BUSINESS this government promised at the onset of their mandate in 2001”, the CHRAJ-bound complainant quizzed.

He delved a couple of years backwards into the sordid years of the AFRC, when people’s property were seized without full recourse to the law and said, he thought that era was long gone with history, only for Ankamah to resurrect it in the shape and form of an agenda pregnant with mishief, arrogance, sarcasm and outright wickedness.

But background checks conducted by THE SUN has unearthed two garages, one in the Ashanti region in Kumasi and the other in the Brong Ahafo region, where seized vehicles cast in the mould of those under Ankamah’s care are transported from time to time.

A Minister of State THE SUN spoke to in connection with the shady and messy development, failed to understand just why the seized cars could not be sold out early enough to rake in some cash for the state, whose dependants have been in dire straits for so long. The Minister questioned why so much fetish has been made with the seized cars, while mountains of suspicion continue to pile up giving currency to high-flying rumours.

Should Ankamah be dragged to CHRAJ, THE SUN may be tempted to submit files and documents thrown into its lap by peeved members of the public, as well as close Osu Castle watchers at the heart of the Mpianim pal’s sphere of operation. -