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General News of Wednesday, 3 August 2016


Montie 3: Martey's attack on petitioners unfortunate - Anyidoho

Deputy General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Koku Anyidoho, has chided the head of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana Rev. Professor Emmanuel Martey for labeling signatories to the Montie three petition as 'nation wreckers'.

According to Anyidoho, the clergy’s criticisms are saddening and misguided since the NDC are not killing its members nor throwing acids on themselves as has happened in the opposition New Patriotic Party.

The Presby head during a sermon condemned government appointees and all those appealing to President John Mahama to grant pardon to the three persons jailed for contempt by the Supreme Court.

“A nation is an entity, a people ruled by law; so if there are any people who are a lawless society then they are doomed. A country like America, when you break the law even if you are the President or a Presidential candidate and they get you, you’ll go to jail.

“I hear some people are saying what the Judges did was not right. Look, threatening to kill a Judge, it has happened before in Ghana, whoever has issues with the sentence of these three people are nation wreckers who must be condemned and not,” said Rev. Martey.

Reacting to the comment, Anyidoho told Accra-based Class FM that Professor Martey is often unfair to the NDC.

“...We are not clubbing, we are not killing, we are not pouring acid [on people], we are not destroying, so it’s interesting how some people then will turn around and say those of us who are using legitimate means to ask that the president invokes Article 72 become nation wreckers,” he lamented.

He added: “...have we suddenly forgotten about the Bible, because the Bible admonished us to forgive, so, if as Christians we are asking for forgiveness, do we become sinners or do we become nation wreckers?

“It’s sad the way a section of the society decides to look at things. When it has to do with the NPP, they are all for it, [but] when it has to do with the NDC, then we become the enemies of the state. It is unfortunate. How do you describe us as nation wreckers if all we are seeking to do is to allow due process to take place?”

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