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General News of Friday, 7 December 2018


Mob justice: Man beaten at Madina market after lady accuses him of being a thief is in possession of a heartbreaking video of a man being beaten by a mob.

The incident happened at the Madina Market on Wednesday, December 5, 2018.

According an eyewitness, a lady, upon seeing the victim, started screaming “thief thief” in the Twi language, drawing the attention of market men and women, including buyers.

As usual, without asking questions, the men around, some coconut sellers, and others who were there to hustle for the day, started beating the gentleman.

Just like the late Captain Mahama was attacked and beaten to death without being given the chance to explain himself, the young man was also subjected to the same treatment but he fortunately escaped death.

“The people were just beating him mercilessly. Someone just came from nowhere to hit his eyes with his shoes. People were just slapping him till they dragged him away,” the eyewitness told

He was said to have been dragged to an Islamic authority in the area for the issue to be resolved.

That was where it was revealed that the lady who had earlier screamed that the man was a thief had paid some money to him to get her a room, meaning he was a room agent.

However, after many days had passed, he refused to get the room for the lady and also failed to pay back the money she had given him.

Therefore, out of desperation to retrieve her money, she decided to shout that way, but unfortunately, her action landed him in trouble. is following this issue and will update our cherished readers as new and fresh developments come in.