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General News of Monday, 13 February 2017

Source: The Enquirer

Missing cars saga: Invincible Forces stole 14 Land Cruisers - Sources

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It has turned up, that fourteen of the so called missing presidential cars are in the possession of the Invincible Forces, a militant group of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP).

According to deep throat sources at the Flagstaff House, on the Monday after the swearing in of the new president, members of the Invisible Forces led by one Jaleel, stormed the Flagstaff House and made away with the fourteen (14) Land Cruisers (V8) which had been returned by appointees of former President John Mahama's Government.

The missing cars saga has become a topical issue creating a lot of controversy.

Whiles officials of the current government points accusing fingers at members of the immediate past government of stealing the cars, members of the past government claims all the cars were handed over to the government transition led by Mr. Ayikoi Otoo.

The issue which seems not to go away any moment soon, has resulted in the government setting up a task force to retrieve the so called missing cars.

But The Enquirer deep throat sources have hinted that the Invincible Forces, led by their notorious leader indeed made away with some of the said vehicles.

  “Jaleel is currently driving one of the Land Cruisers. Forces - Jaleel - where are the V8 Land Cruisers you stole from Flagstaff House? One of our furious sources queried.

On the allegation that the president has to use his personal cars for official functions because there are no cars, the source retorted that, the claim is a big lie. “On the Friday before the swearing in, representatives of Nana Addo picked up 3 BMWs from State House Transport Section complete with flags. They rejected the drivers offered them and said they will use their own drivers”, the source said.

The sources explained that those cars were the cars he (Nana Addo) used on the day of swearing in. “Where are those cars? Why is he saying he has no cars to use?” the source asked.

On the allegation that the Burkinabe Ford Gift has also been stolen, the source said that claim too is false, since the Ford vehicle named King Ranch with registration number ER 307 - 09 and Chassis number 1FMJU1J58AEB60748 is currently parked at the Villa at Flagstaff House.

“They cannot hide the truth. Government operatives at the Flagstaff House think by changing the number of the Ford Gift, they will get away with the lie as part of the effort to vilify us and to malign John Mahama?

Tell them to think again. They changed the licence plate of the Ford to GW 8212-11 from ER 307-09 but forgot that the chassis number remains 1FMJU1J58AEB60748”, our source revealed.

 The source further explained that during the transition all the cars were inspected at the Flagstaff House by a team led by Ayikoi Otoo.

 “Indeed all the vehicles were inspected one after the other by this team including their chassis numbers. A list of all vehicles (including the Ford) was handed over to Ayikoi Otoo in the presence of the Chief Director of the Office of the President (OOP) one Mr. Ballans”.

Our source stated that just last week an official from the Flagstaff House requested for the list again and a copy were resent to them. “They cannot therefore claim that they do not know where the 'Burkinabe' Ford Vehicle is.

Has Ayikoi Otoo taken it?” the source asked sarcastically.  

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