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General News of Thursday, 26 September 2019


Media warned against making too much ‘noise’ on coup attempt

Retired Military officer, Captain Joel Sowu play videoRetired Military officer, Captain Joel Sowu

A retired military officer, Captain Joel Sowu, has cautioned the media to stop making too much noise on the alleged attempted coup as there is still a lot to be made clear.

According to him, ongoing media reports have the tendency to make people form a prejudiced opinion about the entire situation.

Captain Sowu who appeared on Thursday’s edition of Citi TV’s Point of View explained that the suspects could be guilty or innocent of the crime.

“In a situation like this please be patient because it takes a long time to unravel the puzzle,” he said.

He added that the media should allow those in charge to complete the investigations before drawing conclusions to the matter.

“There are people who are sadists in the system who will try to do anything to get you to suffer. You may be innocent but because the media sometimes make a lot of noise, you create more problem for the innocent man so I’m saying calm down the investigations is still going on.”

The former coup plotter further cautioned the nation not to rubbish any of the arms that have so far been retrieved by the security agencies as they all might have a purpose to serve if indeed there was a plot.

He said, no one who is planning to create instability in the country will keep all the arms and ammunition in one place, and as such, no one should downplay any of the arms retrieved from the suspects.

“If they come and arrest me that I’m trying to do something to destabilize the country if they find the ammunition and they find the rifle it will be difficult for me to explain. But if I’m smart enough, I can keep the magazine, I’ll put the rifle in another house and in trying to do anything to destabilize a country you must be smart,” he noted.

He also noted that another way coup plotters outsmart authorities, is to use the amoeba system, where they talk to just a few people who in turn share the message with another set and the message keep spreading.

“So you come to me in my house you see me talking to only three people but in actual fact, I’m talking to about thousands of people… so a thing like this when you look at it, you must begin to look at it (with) professional eyes and begin to interpret it.”