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General News of Monday, 7 May 2018


Massive salary cut hits MMT after MD’s suspension

A massive salary-cut exercise is currently ongoing at the troubled state-run transport company Metro Mass Transit limited, documents intercepted by Starr News indicate.

The austerity measure is being led by the newly appointed acting managing director of the firm Albert Adu Boahen who has been with the firm for some years now.

The salary cuts mostly affect individuals at the company whose salaries were increased astronomically, without due process, upon the appointment of the now-suspended Managing director Bennet Aboagye, after the New Patriotic Party won power.

Documents available to Starr News reveal that one Dadzi Michael Akusi who used to earn GHC3,600 had his earning raised to GHC8,270. Also, George Krobea Asante who was on GHC1,888 was lifted to GHC.7,250 while Samuel Yaw Larbi who was taking home GHC1,700.00 is suddenly earning GHC3,770. The situation runs through for many other staff who are believed to be aligned to the ruling party.

Meanwhile, the affected staff have written to the president justifying the sudden increase in their salaries and blame development in the company on NDC moles.

“Your Excellency, it will surprise you to note that, since the inception of NPP administration and the appointment of Mr. Bennet Aboagye as Managing Director and also Hon. Ahmed Arthur as Chairman of the Board by your good office to steer the affairs of the Company, the key NDC Actors in the Company of which some of them are occupying positions in the NDC Party, have decided to do everything humanly possible to derail the good effort being put in place by Mr. Aboagye and his administration and to cause disaffection among workers using the Union as a tool knowing well that the current Junior Staff Divisional Union Executives are all known NDC Member.

“The current development in the company is worrying to us as members of the NPP and if not critically considered can be very dangerous to our party in elections 2020.

“We are also pleading through your good office that the salaries of the affected staff that have been reversed should be restored to avert any legal battles that may have dire consequences on the Company’s finances and image. Since the Company has been in the news for bad publicity over the period”.

But the security coordinator at the form who helped expose the alleged financial malfeasance at the firm has in a counter letter to the president, called on him to help save firm by allowing proper corporate practices to take place there.

“Your Excellency, it is no mistake that this group of “stomach party members” who signed the letter referred is vigorously fighting to have the arbitrary salary increment restored. Sir, they are all abreast with the financial status of the company and if they had the interest of the Company and the NPP Party at heart, they would have at least waited for the fortunes of the Company to turn round before fronting for salary increment. Interestingly, the Board was not consulted in the salary increment. Your Excellency, it was among other reasons why the arbitrary and astronomical salary increment was reversed”.

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