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Regional News of Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Source: Commonwealth Hall

Massive reforms by Commonwealth Hall will boost Vandals' confidence - Emmanuel Hanson

What has been described few weeks ago as a massive reform by Commonwealth Hall to restore the core values of Vandalism is laudable according to the Deputy Greater Accra Secretary, Mr. Emmanuel Hanson popularly called Vandal Okocha.

According to Mr. Hanson, the recent initiatives undertaken by current Vandals of Commonwealth Hall when encouraged will boost their confidence which will go along way to encourage other students to also take initiatives that will positively impact the society.

Commonwealth Hall students joined the Madina Municipal Assembly for a cleanup and sensitization program on Saturday 6th October 2018 which drew laud cheers by traders at Madina and its environs which went viral on social media.

“What we see now is worth commending the Hall Management and the Current Vandals for taking such initiatives. I believe the constant engagement by Old Vandals also geared towards imbibing in them the true values of Vandalism will not only boost their confidence but restore the core values of Vandalism which stood the test of time over the years” he expressed.

He mentioned that the students have taken up initiatives which require the support of key stakeholders especially the Old Vandals citing some students who are making a lot of impact in the society.

“there is a student called Julius leading a project within the University of Ghana which I find very inspiring. His team are segregating the plastic water bottles and sachet rubbers from the main garbage for recycling, there is a former student who has established a business called Ripples using old abandoned car tyres and woven jute to create exquisite centre tables as well as interior decoration. Such individuals need support more importantly publicity” he said.

He called on Old Vandals to promote such initiatives.

“The least we can do is to urge Old Vandals to invest in their initiatives or business to expand their operations and also to share their work on social media platforms as a means to advertise his initiatives ” he mentioned.

Mr. Emmanuel Hanson also highlighted a few programs of the students led initiatives which he considered as very encouraging.

“Recently they hosted the Vice Chancellor and Director of Sports at Commonwealth Hall, an event organized by the Sports Committee of the Hall to address some of the ways to combine sports and academics effectively among others which I believe it’s a step at the right direction. Also, they held a clean-up exercise within and around the Hall with the Hall Master in attendance. They also had an outstanding procession of their freshers to the matriculation grounds just to mention but a few. Won the 8th conservative trophy as defending champions of the Cross Country Competition just to mention but a few. I believe this reform is a step at the right direction” he said.

Meanwhile Mr. Hanson also used the platform to congratulate the Old Vandals who were called to the Ghana Bar on Friday 5th October 2018.

“It was very refreshing seeing Old Vandals called to the Bar. It means the Hall is doing something really great. To have about 15 Old Vandals called to the Bar sends a good message to the young ones to also aspire for greatness in the diverse industry in the country. Congratulations to all the Old Vandals and we wish them well in their career” he said.

He therefore called Old Vandals to register and attend meetings of the various chapters or branches of Old Vandals Association (OVA).

“With the exception of Upper West Region which OVA is yet to inaugurate by the National Executives working assiduously to get the Branch in its feet, the rest of the Regions have branches and even cell groups. We have OVA North American Branch which recently held its magnificent 2018 Reunion, OVA UK, OVA Australia and just recently a few Old Vandals in China and Dubai am informed are making the necessary arrangements to get a Chapter inaugurated there too. Old Vandals Association (OVA) the Alumni Association of Commonwealth Hall is considered the most vibrant Tertiary Alumni in the whole Africa with its members at very influential places. So I urge all fresh Old Vandals and those not registered yet to get onboard” he mentioned.

Old Vandals Association (OVA) Greater Accra meets first Friday of every month at the GCB Club House, Mr. Hanson noted.

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