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General News of Tuesday, 17 July 2018


Man confesses to using 675 people for sacrifice; reveals secrets of fake pastors

Man confesses to using mostly children for sacrifices to gain powers play videoMan confesses to using mostly children for sacrifices to gain powers has sighted a video of a young man telling a horrible story of how he has used 675 people for rituals and literally staying with Satan for 17 years.

In the video, the man who looks like someone in his 30s is heard saying that he has served in the dark world his entire life.

17 years of which, he added, was spent at the level where Satan himself was. According to the man who was wearing a mask to disguise his identity, he was born with the dark spirits because his family is a "fully spiritual family."

To sustain his power, he had to offer sacrifices and he did so 675 times.

He explained that the 675 people he sacrificed were mostly children given to him by some doctors and nurses who were members of an occult group.

The young man also claimed that during his time in the spiritual world, he had 664 demonic spirits at his disposal.

He went on to mention some of the names of the demonic spirits. Speaking on the work of pastors in Ghana, he stated that there are many of them who have been using dark spirits to deceive their followers.

He revealed that a common trait among these 'fake' pastors was their use of water in healing and other deliverance sessions.

Also, he pointed out, a person's ailment may go away after using the pastor's water, it will return within three months.

Currently, 'there are three pastors who are using water to do their work and they mention the water every time they speak. They are the ones'.

When asked if he was not just making the claims for monetary gains, he pointed out that his dad was a former Chief Justice who left him properties after he passed away.

Moreover, he would not have left the satanic kingdom if he wanted riches.

The video, understands, was culled from a live interview between the man in the mask and the popular Kumasi-based presenter, Otwinoko on Royal TV.

For those who do not know Otwinoko, he was once the king of the airwaves in the evenings in Kumasi with his 'Nsem Pii' show which delved into stories concerning the spiritual realm.

After going blind under bizarre circumstances, Otwinoko went off the air for some years.

But it looks like he is back and continuing from where he left off.