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General News of Tuesday, 29 November 2016


Mahama’s vote buying schemes in elections won’t work again – NPP

The opposition New patriotic Party(NPP) says the upcoming elections have no credibility because of vote buying, fraud, intimidation, and violence from the governing NDC.

Ghana’s much-anticipated presidential and parliamentary elections are proving to be muddied as the incumbent leader, John Dramani Mahama is on a vote-buying spree to compromise NPP officials from the north and buy them off as agents to perpetrate divisions in the NPP, according to the NPP.

“The biggest concern we have now are efforts from the President and his party to exploit the poverty that they have made worse in their efforts to avoid defeat. They want to buy and steal votes in the north. But they can only succeed if we allow them. they tried it in 2012 and it worked. They have tried it again in 2016 but it will not work,” Nana Akufo-Addo’s Spokesperson, Mr. Mustapha Hamid who addressed a Press conference in the capital said.

He told journalists that “the people from the north are sad, angry, ashamed and feel very insulted by President Mahama” insisting that the President has betrayed the confidence locals up-north reposed in him when he begged them for their votes in the 2012 elections.
“…This vote buying will not work in the north. I cannot speak for other regions, the people of the north were told by President Mahama to vote for him because he’s one of us and can be trusted to develop the north faster and better. But what we saw is that he rather allowed his close friends like Agambire to use the Savannah Accelerated Development Authority(SADA) to steal most of the 300 million cedis that was given to sada and meant to help the people of the north. Today our poeple are sad, hungry ashamed and feel very insulted by President Mahama.

“He exploited us and use our name through sada to enrich his friends and family and to make our pple even poorer. Today under a President who comes from the north, the poeple of the north are poorer than they were under the late President Mills before 2012 and President Kufuor before 2009.

“But Prez Mahama has not apologize to the people of the three regions of the north for using our name to take monies which have been shared among family and friends. Not a single person has been sent to court over the sada rot. Roland Agambire who promised to build a hope City left Ghana for Dubai City and left the north in calamity. The of the north feel insulted, cheated and embarrassed.

“We gave our son, our brother President John Dramani Mahama our Kola and he chewed it all and spat it back in our faces. Never Again!