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General News of Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Source: Daniel Kaku

Mahama's reaction to Akufo-Addo's 'ghost' projects comment a mere fabrication - Abronye

Maverick Brong Ahafo Regional First Vice Chairman of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), Kwame Baffoe popularly known as Abronye DC has described the entire statement in reaction to President Akufo-Addo's 'Ghost' projects comment by office of the former President John Mahama as a fallacy, fabrication, myth and insult to the Chiefs and people of the Region.

President Nana Akufo-Addo during his tour of the Brong Ahafo Region over the weekend is quoted to have said that the so-called unprecedented projects, especially roads, which the erstwhile government spoke about are nowhere to be found.

According to him, during the 2016 electioneering campaign, Ex-president Mahama accused him (Nana Addo), then presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), of not seeing the ‘rehabilitated roads because he was sleeping as he travelled to do his campaign throughout the country.

He indicated further that the brief period of his administration has witnessed the fulfilment of a number of promises he made to Ghanaians in the run-up to the 2016 elections.

But the former President insists he was able to provide tangible developmental projects in all sectors that enhanced the quality of life of Ghanaians.

John Mahama in his statement listed among his achievements the construction of the Dormaa Ahenkro - Nkrankwanta road, Dormaa Ahenkro Town roads, Dormaa Ahenkro- Babianiha roads, Babianiha- Antwirifo roads, Nkoranza Town roads, Nkoranza- Jema Road, Wenchi Town roads, Techiman Town roads, among others.

His remarks came as response to a request by the Omanhene of Techiman, Oseadeeyo Akumfi Ameyaw IV fo the construction of good roads in the area.

But in a statement issued by the NPP in the Region and signed by its First Vice Regional Chairman, Abronye DC indicated that the former President John Mahama's reaction to President Akufo-Addo's 'Ghost' projects comment are full of lies, myth, fallacious and therefore demanding an immediate apology from the former President.

Abronye DC stated categorically that the said Dormaa Ahenkro to Nkrantwanta road constructed by the former President John Mahama led administration is untrue but rather started by NPP government led by former President John Kufuor.

"We would like to state categorically clear that, the mentioned road was a project commenced by Prez. Kufuor during his tenure as president. Due to political power change, the government of Kufuor was only able to construct the road up to Diabaa instead of the intended Nkrankwanta. It must be noted that up to date, the road still remains uncompleted and I further challenge them to prove me wrong".

"Paragraph 2 under same sector is also a fallacious and unexisting achievement which the former president has attributed to himself. The Dormaa Ahenkro Town Roads was started in 2007 together with Dormaa to Nkrankwanta roads. This was a Kuffour project", the statement added.

Abronye DC has urged the good people of Ghana to disregard the fabricated stories and 'Ghost' achievement of the former President Mahama because the projects do not exist in nature but only can be found in his government 'funded' green book.

Below is the full statement


The office of the Regional First Vice Chairman of The Brong Ahafo Region's attention has been drawn to a media circulation coming from the office of the Former president John Mahama responding to the "Ghost project" comments made by His Excellency Nana Addo during his visit to the Brong Ahafo Region.

We would like to describe the entire statement in reaction to President Akuffo Addo's Ghost projects comment by office of the former president Mahama as a fallacy, myth, fabrication, deception and an insult to the people and chiefs of Brong Ahafo and for that matter, he must be made to apologise.

It is rather unfortunate that after Andrew Solomon the world-renowned Gay Activist allegedly sponsored his bused unity walk, all what he could tell the people of Ghana is deceptive and illusive stories.

It must be noted as a fact that, it is indeed a naked truth and an indisputable fact that, the former president and his entire administration engaged in a create, loot and share government as clearly stated by President Akuffo Addo.

To clear all ambiguity, I would like to categorically substantiate the comment made by H.E Prez. Akuffo Addo.

In the said statement in reaction, the aide to the former president Mahama one Joyce Bawah stated in paragraph 1 of roads sector that, the Mahama led administration constructed the Dormaa Ahenkro - Nkrankwanta road.

We would like to state categorically clear that, the mentioned road was a project commenced by Prez. Kuffour during his tenure as president. Due to political power change, the government of Kuffour was only able to construct the road up to Diabaa instead of the intended Nkrankwanta. It must be noted that up to date, the road still remains uncompleted and I further challenge them to prove me wrong.

It is a known fact that, the Dormaa Ahenkro - Babianiha roads up to date is not tarred but it is rather unfortunate that the NDC through Former President Mahama claims same road has been tarred and completed under paragraph 3 of his aide's statement.

Also, paragraph 4 of Joyce Bawa's statement also indicates that, the Babianiha - Antwirifo roads has been tarred. This is a calculated and unprecedented lie.

Paragraph 7 of the Joyce Bawah's statement also indicated that, the Wenchi Town road was constructed by Prez. Mahama. This is a deception and a blatant lie. It must be noted that, the Wenchi town roads were constructed by President Kuffour. See: page 85 of the 2005 budget for further clarification.

Paragraph 10 also depicts that, Prez Mahama constructed the Sunyani Town roads. This is also a lie and must be ignored by the general public. The Sunyani Town roads were constructed and tarred in 2006 by the Former president Kuffour. For the purposes of the records, the only thing prez. Mahama did was to fill the potholes. Filling potholes doesn't mean constructing a road.

Paragraph 16 also states that, the Mahama led administration constructed the Sunyani senior high school roads.

It must be noted that, there's no road in Sunyani called the Sunyani Shs road and that the Mahama led administration just sat in Accra and created the mentioned road just to embezzle state funds. The good people of Sunyani will be delighted if president Mahama can properly show the demarcation of the said Sunyani SHS road.

Paragraph 13 of the statement also stipulates that, the Goaso Akyerensua roads was constructed by Prez. Mahama. This is also one of the numerous lies. The Goaso Akyerensua roads were constructed by Prez. Kuffour with budget allocations under the 2006 financial statement of the government.

Paragraph 9 of the statement is also a ghost achievement. This is because, the contractor who was awarded the contract was only able to construct up to Dadease due to the lack of the previous government's commitment. He abandoned and ignored the project in the early 2015. However, under the auspices of the Current president, the Techiman Offuman road has been fully completed.

The good people of B/A would recall that in 2015, during Prez. Mahama's visit to Brong Ahafo Region, he promised to construct the Sunyani- Asufufu to poly roundabout roads within three months and as an acknowledgement to this promise, the chief of Sunyani named the road after him as John Mahama street. Because of this fallacious promise, the chief of Sunyani further stated that, John Mahama will win the upcoming 2016 elections by 80%. It is sad to know that up to now, the road still remains rough and not tarred. The John Mahama street (Sunyani Asufufu to poly roundabout road) is still in a deplorable state.

For the avoidance of doubt, I will like to mention a few roads which were constructed under the regime of the NPP.

1. Techiman - Kintampo Road. See. Page 177 of the 2007 budget.

2. Wenchi - Sampa
road. See. Page 85 of the 2005 budget.

3. Sunyani - Akronie road. See. Page 76 of the 2005 budget.

4. Huidiem - Kenyasi (N:0 1) road. 77 of 2005 budget.

5. Berekum - Sampa road. See. Page 82 of 2005 budget.

6. Techiman - Wenchi road

7. Techiman town Roads

8. Techiman - Nkoranza road

9. Drobo - Sampa road

10. Berekum town roads

11. Mim - Bediako road

12. Dua Nkwanta - Derma Road

13. Attebubu - Yeji road

14. Adamu - Badu Road

15. Techiman - Kumasi Road

16. Kukuom - Sankore Road

17. Wenchi - Nsawkaw Road

18. Dua Nkwanta Town Roads.

Finally, the good people of Brong Ahafo will be delighted if Prez. Mahama could show them the budget allocations he used in building all his deceitful achievement.

They will further appreciate it if Prez Mahama can indicate to them his source of funding for all these road projects because same was not Incorporated in his government's financial statement.

It must be noted that, the habit of Prez. Mahama lying about constructing roads is one which needs to be checked. It was this same Mahama who told us during his 2015 state of the nation's address that he has constructed the Berekum Drobo Sampa road and that he has completed same. I am edging all to visit the said roads and you will be amazed to see how deplorable the constructed roads looks like. This is the precedent among the major lies of the former president.

It must be noted also that, it was the NPP government that constructed the Drobo to Suma - Ahenkro road. It was however left with almost 3 kilometers to enter into the Sampa Township. However due to political change of power in 2008, we were unable to complete this project. It is surprising that, The NDC's eight years in power could not just complete the said three-kilometer road.


All the water projects mentioned by Joyce Bawah is not visible to the people of Brong Ahafo Region with the exception of the Berekum Water project which was funded by the German Government. It must be noted that this project was lobbied my Lawyer Effah Datteh of the NPP which was commenced in 2007 under the auspices of Prez. Kuffour. Former president Mahama had no contribution or whatsoever to add to that project.

The rest of the water supply projects does not exist in the Brong Ahafo Region. It is only visible to Prez Mahama and his aide Joyce Bawah.


It is a deceitful and a wrong impression created by the former president that he has constructed community day senior high schools in the Region.

I would like to state emphatically clear that not even a single community day senior high school was completed by the previous government and if they insist they completed same, they should feed the people of Brong Ahafo with the community in which they completed same so that our wards can enroll in them.

The construction of 240 six unit class room blocks in the region is also not visible. Most of the classrooms were built by Prez. Kuffour.

In conclusion, I would edge the people of Ghana to disregard the fabricated stories and ghost achievement of the Former president Mahama since they do not exist in nature but only in his government funded green book.

Furthermore, it will be prudent for the former president if he should disassociate himself from his deceitful behavior.


Kwame Baffoe Abronye DC
First Vice Chairman NPP
Brong Ahafo Region

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