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Politics of Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Source: Ampem Gyeke-Darko

Mahama must learn to appreciate good governance - Nana Brako

Former President John Dramani Mahama Former President John Dramani Mahama

A member of the ruling New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) Communication Team, Nana Kwabena Brako has advised former President John Mahama to “better be silent than make noise”.

According to the Real Estate Developer, the former president makes lot of false and pointless allegations that have no basis.

Nana Kwabena Brako was responding to Mr. Mahama’s statement on the size of President Akufo Addo’s government last Wednesday on Ahotor 92.3 FM’s ‘Asem Yi Di Ka’ hottest political show. He accused the former president of going round to throw dust in the eyes of the public and has quickly forgotten the mess his government put the whole country into.

He observed, “Some statements from the caliber of John Mahama go a long way to have adverse effects on Ghana’s economy. If you understand the economy well, you will come to know how much damage some of his lies can cause the whole nation on investment.”

He chided, “How do you expect foreigners to invest their monies in Ghana’s economy with this type of people in our politics?”

He challenged the former president on what his priorities were when he sat cold and allowed billions of Ghana Cedis expected to go into national coffers to drain into wrong pockets; citing the missing guinea fowls and desert tree planting issues as few examples of financial drains on the national purse.

Nana Brako asked the president to create a ministry of ‘Former President Affairs’ to primarily manage the day-day activities of some former presidents “who do not know their left from their right” and go round making ‘whoopla’.

He told Emmanuel Martey, Alias Alaske De Don, host of “Asem Yi Di Ka” show that the President is committed to working extra harder to speedily make Ghana the hub of Development in Africa and has no time for former President Mahama and his shame.

The communication member urged Ghanaians to disregard with necessary contempt John Mahama’s propaganda mechanism and expect more development from Nana Addo and the NPP. He assured that Ghana was on the path of development as most of their predecessors’ messes are corrected.

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