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Politics of Thursday, 7 August 2014


Mahama is a “weird president”- Divine Nkrumah

There is always a day of accountability and certainly one day, President Mahama would get to know if his style of governance brought smile on the faces of the very people he lorded over.

Even before the day of accountability approaches, a member of the Progressive People’s Party, Divine Nkrumah, has made his assessment about the present government and revealed his findings to

In a brief chat, Mr. Nkrumah stated that President Mahama is a weird president who does unprecedented things like abandoning his core mandates and using weird means to achieve practical things.

Mr. Nkrumah maintains that the only legacy President Mahama’s administration can boast of is the fact that they have managed to control heavy traffic congestions in our cities. This feat according to him was only met by using astronomical calculations to abnormally increase the price of fuel.

He noted, “President Mahama is leaving behind a bad legacy. Under his watch, only few people can fuel their cars and companies are closing down because they can’t pay workers."

Mr. Divine Nkrumah pointed out that he has lost faith in the current government and expects Ghanaians to make the right choice the next time they visit the polls to elect a president.