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General News of Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Source: Abraham Ananpansah

Mahama Haruna vrs PAD FM:Court postpones hearing on petition from accused person

A high court in Tamale has postponed hearing on a case involving the Manager of Nkilgi FM in Bole,Mr. Mahama Haruna and PAD FM in Damongo,in which,the former allegedly stormed the premises of the latter; attacked a presenter on air, took away a motorbike and caused damage to properties belonging to the radio station.

The case which was scheduled to be heard today,couldn't come on because, the responded,thus:the accused person is said to have petitioned the Attorney General(AG),stating that,he doesn't understand why he should be charged; praying against miscarriage of justice.

Explaining what transpired today after the failed court hearing, the investigator handling the case,Madam Veronica Owusu disclosed she also got to the Regional Police Command in Tamale with the docket only to be informed by the Judiciary in Police Service (Jupo) that there was a petition before them from the accused person indicating that,he doesn't understand why he should be charged because,the "motorbike" belongs to him.

It should be noted that,the Judiciary in Police Service (Jupo) is the one who refers cases town the court from the quarters of the police.

Madam Veronica has requested both parties to rewrite their statements,after which,she would add a cover letter and submit the docket to the AG;a process she was hoping to complete by next week.

The AG after receiving the docket according to her,would study both statements and invite the parties involved.

The Deputy Regional State Attorney, Lawyer Francis Asobayire had indicated on the sidelines of the court that,there was nothing untoward in postponing hearing on the case.

He said it was in the letter and spirit of law to request for the docket when a petition of such nature is received in order to abreast themselves with the issues and to determine whether there was a prosecutable offense or not.

Where a prosecutable case is established after studying the docket,they can now go ahead with the prosecution, otherwise, the case would be discharged.

He gave this explanation after the complainant together with his witnesses appeared in court only to be informed their case cannot be heard for some reasons of which they probed to adduce details of same.

The radio station is making a case of unlawful entry,assault and stealing against Mahama Haruna.


It can be recalled that,on the 25th of December,2018,Ghanaweb's Ananpansah B Abraham reported an incident from Damongo,in which,the General Manager of Nkilgi FM in Bole allegedly stormed a sister radio station,PAD FM in Damongo with "thugs and attacked a presenter on air,whilst causing damage to properties belonging to the radio station.

The victim,Mr.Adam Akilu Gideon narrated his ordeal to Ghanaweb and said he was on air that faithful day when his former boss together with three other young men stormed the on air studio,attacked him and took away his personal belongings including his motorbike.
The motorbike according to him,rightfully belongs to him and is registered in his name,adding that,he was given the motorbike when he went to Nkilgi FM as a worker.

He disclosed an internal memo addressed to all workers of the station by the manager directed all workers to register the motorbikes in their names and no motorbike would be taken away from any worker any day he or she decides to leave the station

Meanwhile,Mr.Mahama Haruna in stating his side of the story, admitted he was in Damongo on the day of the incident and did go to the premises of the radio station to collect his motorbike from his former worker,since,he was keeping it unlawfully.

The motorbike he disclosed was among 12 others he acquired for all presenters working at his radio station.

He said he had asked his former worker,the complainant to return the motorbike because, he was no longer a worker of his radio station to no avail,compelling him to lodge a case of stealing at the Damongo Police station,and later followed up to Damongo for his motorbike.