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Regional News of Thursday, 9 June 2016

Source: Light of Sight Foundation

Local NGO sheds light on plight of Akropong School for the Blind

Nestled on top of the famous Akropong mountains, students of the School of the Blind can barely "see" their way around. Their long known and documented plight still persist.

That the school is in need of help has all become but a cliché and that help would come from relevant authorities is fast (not just becoming but is) become pure "political campaign platform talk."

The latest group to shine light on the sad state of affairs in the school is the Light of Sight Foundation, a Non-Governmental Organisation registered by law with the aim of building the capacity of young people and also with a strong leaning towards supporting person's with disability and the underprivileged.

The group in a visit to the school confirmed that basic academic supplies were still lacking in the school, the issue of bulky text books is further compounded by a student to book ratio of 27:1. One book serving 27 students.

Students are exposed to vagaries of the weather in their conditions because broken louvre blades open them up for strong winds even rains in extreme situations.

In all of this, the group says records indicate that the school's population is on the rise, further complicating an already complex situation.

A member of LOS, Mr. Khalil Dogo said he couldn't believe some of what he saw describing the situation as "unacceptable and in need of a concerted effort to remedy in the short term."

He also bemoaned the sociological and psychological stress that some of the visually challenged faced, adding further that there was the need for well meaning members of society to step up to the plate and help stamp out stigmatization of disabled people.

"It's sad that people with sight (some I must say) will make these brothers and sisters of ours, feel even worse than the situation could be making them, society must stand up and stamp out stigma."

"We are all potential disabled people in so far as we wake up and keep going through our daily activities, that one we must bear in mind," he stressed.

The group disclosed that it had plans of donating to the students a token in the coming days, further promising to continually seek funding to support the school in ways aimed at easing their long known yet neglected woes.

The group urged relevant authorities to supply the school with frames for studying, stylus for writing, perkins and laptops to facilitate teaching and learning.

They also tasked other NGOs and the sector ministry to ensure that the school and other institutions like it are well taken care of.