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General News of Tuesday, 21 April 2020


Lifting of lockdown has exposed govt's inability to fend for the poor - Ernesto Yeboah

Commander-in-chief of the Economic Fighters League, Ernesto Yeboah has opined that the decision to lift the lockdown was because the government failed to put in proper stimulus packages for Ghanaians.

Reacting to the president’s announcement, Ernesto Yeboah said the government is unable to bear the cost of the lockdown has it has lifted it to allow Ghanaians fend for themselves.

In his view, the government is more concerned about what he termed as "political economy” due to the upcoming general elections.

"On this tight rope and coupled with the fact that general elections is only a few months away, it appears government is persuaded by the political-economy considerations than the safety of the people,” he said n a Facebook post.

The issue is not about those who do not want to stay home, it is about those who are hungry.

"The government locked down without proper stimulus packages for the people. To offload this responsibility, government says go out there and fend for yourself. You are on your own. This shows the inability of the state to cater for its citizens. While this act puts them in greater danger of death from corona, it doesn’t also completely alleviate their suffering from hunger. Now, even if it’s a political decision the real problem is that most of our people hustle and there’s very little real employment".

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