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Religion of Sunday, 20 December 2020

Source: GNA

Let’s learn to live in peace and harmony - Very Rev Father Nimorious Domanzing

Reverend Father Nimorious Domanzing, Priest-in-charge, Saint Francis of Assisi Catholic Church Reverend Father Nimorious Domanzing, Priest-in-charge, Saint Francis of Assisi Catholic Church

Very Reverend Father Nimorious Kwabena Domanzing, Priest-in-charge of Saint Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, Ashaley Botwe, has called on Ghanaians to protect the peace they have enjoyed over the years.

He said every citizen had the responsibility to contribute towards building a peaceful nation because peace was the foundation for development.

“Let us learn to live together in peace and harmony. After all, we have nowhere else to go. Ghana is our home,” he said.

Rev. Fr. Domanzing made the call during a festival of Nine Lessons and Carols held by the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) in collaboration with the St Francis of Assisi Catholic Church at Ashaley Botwe.

He said the life of Christ, from his birth to ascension, was characterized by peace. It was thus important for Christians to reflect on that peaceful nature throughout the Christmas period.

He said in spite of the tensions that had arisen after the 2020 general election, it was essential for Ghanaians to still see themselves as one people.

Rev. Fr. Domanzing appealed to all political leaders to bury their differences and forge ahead in peace and unity.

He entreated them to be mindful of whatever they said because their followers would listen and act.

Even though the year 2020 had seen some challenges including COVID-19 pandemic, economic meltdown, and cases of violence in the general election, he said it was important for Ghanaians to be grateful to God for His mercy and favour on the nation.

Rev. Dr. Domanzing urged Christians not to despair but to let the celebration of Christmas bring them hope and optimism for a brighter new year. "The worst form of poverty the Christian must avoid is the poverty of hopelessness,” Fr Domanzing said.

He called on Ghanaian youth to remember that the nation’s future lay in their hands, and that what they did now would shape their future and charged the youth to be disciplined as put the nation first before any other thing.

Mr Robert Dela Mawuenyegah, Executive Director, Global News Watch Media and Communications Limited, called on Ghanaians to be mindful of the information they consumed because there was so much fake news in circulation.

He said the high incidence of misinformation was worrying because it could create confusion and destroy society.

“When you see any piece of information, cross-check before you disseminate it, because you are going to be as guilty as the one who created the message,” he advised.

Mr Emmanuel Mawuena, Music Director, St Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, entreated Christians and young people especially, to avoid excessive drinking and other acts of misconduct during the festive season.

He said such misbehaviours usually resulted in dangers,including fatal accidents.

“Show love to the people around you. Christmas is about love. You have the opportunity to share gifts. It doesn’t matter how small it is. Just share. Share the love of Christ and the peace he brought to us,” he said.

The St Francis of Assisi Catholic Church Choir, Trinity Choir, and Ghana Broadcasting Corporation Staff Choir treated the congregation to melodious Christmas carols and anthems.