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General News of Tuesday, 29 May 2018


‘Lesbianism/gayism is a clear sign of a collapsed civilisation’ - Foh-Amoaning

Mr Moses Foh Amoaning Mr Moses Foh Amoaning

The Coalition for Proper Human Sexual Rights and Family Values have stated that the current claims to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) rights is a clear sign of a collapsed civilisation.

The LGBT agenda, it said, was a deliberate propaganda hatched mainly by Europe and America to depopulate Africa and other rising populations, owing to their failure to sustain their population growth rates over the years.

The Coalition explained that although homosexuality had existed among humanity over centuries, citing Moses’s condemnation of the act in the Bible, and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah resulting from same, they came at the height of every civilisation.

The current schemers of LGBT were trying to hide behind the “gassy acceptance” that resulted from the Hitler genocide of marginalised groups including homosexuals, to push their agenda.

Mr Moses Foh-Amoaning, the President of the Coalition, speaking at a Regional Media Consultative Forum, said current statistics on the population of LGBT could not be as high as were being portrayed.

The misconceptions that people were born with it and, therefore, must be allowed to practice the abominable act were also contentious, saying scientific studies on gene products had shown no positive proof of any genetic factors to claims that people were born with LGBT instincts.

Such practices were either acquired through peer pressure or was an abnormality that needed to be treated medically and through sustained counselling, he said.

The forum was on the theme: “Exploring the Myths Surrounding the LGBT Phenomenon: Psychiatric, Psychological, Religico Socio-Cultural Perspectives” in Accra.

Mr For-Amoaning said the LGBT propaganda was becoming very serious as the perpetrators were using all sorts of means, including financial inducements, to lure their innocent victims, mostly the youth.

He awakened the consciousness of the media, providing them with the historical background to the lesbian and gay practice, which dated several decades ago among the western world, saying the present intense propaganda being pursued by the originators, however, was a hatched plan to use LGBT as a population control measure, especially in Africa.

“Why are they silent about the health, social and moral consequences of LGBT. Any practice that offends the sensitivity of society must not be accepted,” he said, adding that LGBT had never been a right or Human Right as no single global convention approved of it.

He said pushing for LGBT would be contradictory to the UN Convention on Cultural and Social Rights, which supported the family.
He called on the mass media to become part of the African revolution against LGBT practices and the current strong push for a legislation to legalise their rights in Ghana and in other African countries.

He further urged journalists to see themselves as soldiers charged to protect the public by providing them with the true fact, which included knowledge about the agenda of LGBT propagandists, the psycho-social and medical effects of the practice, as well as its impact on family life and values.

“I urge you to, therefore, challenge yourselves with the fact that fighting the proliferation of LGBT as a social epidemic would free society itself from this near calamity.”

Dr Akwasi Osei, the Chief Executive Officer of the Mental Health Authority, assessing the issue of LGBT from psychiatric, psychological and scientific perspectives, reiterated that there were no empirical facts to any genetic factors, therefore the current advocacy that it was normal, was only political and not a scientific position.

He said although true that some people, biologically, had some hormonal imbalances that could lead to such instincts, the situation only establishes an abnormality.

Majority of the people, either willingly, learn the practice, were indoctrinated, pressured with financial inducements, did it out of curiosity or developed the urge after being raped or defiled, he said.
Dr Osei advised the public not to discriminate against LGBT, but to tolerate each one of them with the intention of helping and providing them with the needed support to address their unique challenges.

“What we should not do is to glamourise LGBT,” he warned, adding that any political party or government that attempted to legalise LGBT would be committing a political suicide, he said.

Dr Justice Appiah-Kubi, a Member of the Coalition, challenged Ghana’s legislators to remain bold and firm, and to reject any attempt by Europe and the United States to enact any form of legislation that would promote LGBT.

He said the Coalition was facilitated by the Emmanuel University College, a Ghanaian Tertiary Institution, and included the Christian Council of Ghana, Catholic Bishops’ Conference, Ghana Muslims Mission and the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council.

The rest are the Ghana Baptist Convention, Ahamadiyya Muslim Mission, Ghana Fellowship of Evangelical Students, Scripture Union, Full Gospel Men’s Fellowship International and the Traditional and Opinion Leaders within the Ghanaian Society.

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