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General News of Saturday, 22 June 2019


Lady reveals home-made 'ritual' which stopped her husband from cheating

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In recent times, real life stories of how some married men cheat on and lie to their wives are being told on various social media platforms.

One of these platforms is a very vibrant all-women group on Facebook with about 300,000 members, where mothers, and women in general share experiences.

More often than not, it is mostly stories of complaints of how husbands are cheating on their wives, how a woman had hijacked another’s husband, how someone had a child with another woman’s husbands, are shared there.

The issues are increasingly becoming worrying, mostly leaving the women in tears and frustration, and looking for all sorts of ways to maintain their marital homes.

These women want to go all lengths in stopping their husbands from cheating and it is in this vein that a married woman who want to remain anonymous shared a home-made ritual she underwent to keep her man to herself only.

According to this woman, her husband had made the word trust impossible for her because he was a habitual cheat and liar.

The woman narrated that she had earlier tried a “penis lock” method which did not work for her, and so she sought to find out her husband’s best fruits for the next method.

Unable to ask her husband his favourite fruit directly, the lady said she one day overheard their son asking daddy which fruit he liked best and it was orange.

For the ritual, the frustrated married woman said she chewed 4 seeds of an orange, broke a fresh egg and taking out the yolk, put just the white in her mouth and with a tablespoon full of schnapps, swallowed the whole mixture.

But before swallowing that the desperate married woman said she spoke out her whole heart desire concerning her cheating husband with all her strength, and later in the night, they made love.

However, she noted that her husband was not himself when he returned from work the next day.

It was later at night when they decided to make love, the husband heaved a sigh of relief at the sight of his erected penis.

Apparently, he had tried having sex with his girlfriend after work but his penis never worked.

However, anytime he had to sleep with his wife, the penis is erected without much effort, according to the lady's narration.

The lady later confessed to going the extra mile to stop her husband from cheating but she has not regretted it as people would think she is selfish, adding that she is a happy woman now.

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