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General News of Saturday, 31 August 2019


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Questions and concerns arising from recent cop shooting events will headline discussions in today’s edition of Newsfile on Joynews.

5 cops slained in different instances within a matter of 30 days, the most recent being two officers belonging to the MTTD unit of the police service, murdered in broad day by unknown assailants.

Concerns including the safety of citizens have been raised following this, considering the safety of the the ‘protectors’ is even in question.
Also to be tackled by panelists on the show is the mass display of wealth and monies by politicians in campaigns.

Following the recent NDC parliamentary primaries, the issue has become pertinent to be discussed especially because it appears delegates are ‘influenced’ to vote for particular candidates based on what they can get in monetary terms rather than what the candidates in question are capable of doing to improve the lives of constituents in their various areas.
The question remains, is our democracy on sale?

Corruption and issues related to the scorecard under Akufo-Addo will also dominantly take the forefront in deliberations on the show.

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