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I was as far as miklin hotel and still felt the earth shaking like it was an...">
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Press Review of Sunday, 23 September 2007

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Kumasi Burning: Eye Witness Accounts

Eye Witness Accounts - UNEDITED

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I was as far as miklin hotel and still felt the earth shaking like it was an earth tremor. a bit closer to the scene, about 1km from the explosion scene, the appiah-menkah complex which houses the whirlpool complex had its glass shattered. this shows how seriuos the problem was.


I live in Kumasi and I heard nothing. I doubt if this really took place

Kwame Ofori

Kwame Ofori, a witness, told AFP that a tube connecting the fuel tanker to the receptacle at the gas station came off and the escaped LPG came into contact with a nearby electricity generator.

"Suddenly the generator caught fire and the entire place was in flames," he said.

Haruna Amadu

Haruna Amadu, who works in an office nearby, was injured by the flames.

"I heard a sound like a balloon," he said. "I did not see what actually hit me."

A panel has been set up to investigate the explosion, but at least one official said it was clear what had gone wrong.

Frank Arthur

"It's a human error. The one doing the job did not adhere to safety standards," Frank Arthur of the National Petroleum Authority told AFP.

"They couldn't fix the hose properly and as they were discharging the gas it came off. The whole place was filled with gas ... and within 30 minutes the whole place was caught up in fire," he said.

Nana S.

I live about 100 meters from where it happened. I was away, in AShtown visiting a friend, but I heard the explosion (only one). I back came home to meet the mayhem. However, the fire was under control when i got back. Our house, which did not suffer any major damage, had to be evacauted, but this was self-induced. No official came here to tell us anything.

I don't know for a fact, but considering the scale of the fire, it will be a miracle if there are no deaths. Already this morning I hear rumours that many people died and many more are in hospital. Thank god all my family members are OK. A petrol tanker which was at the station is burnt beyond recognition. Many houses and cars are gone too including my friends house. This friend lives in America .


We were in the house when we heard a big thud and bang at our door, I even thought somebody had kicked the door until I heard my mother screaming "JESUS!". So I rushed to the balcony to see people coming out of the house and the other who were already outside lying on the floor for the fear of their lives.

At once the lights went off and there was a big smoke in the air. It happened at at Asokwa near timber Gardens the name of the gas station is Engas gas services.

It was always been a debate on the radio where the gas station was situated but you know Ghana nothing was than about it, I guess they were waiting for a day like this to come. Now it's very terrific, I've just returned from the place of the incidence. A Ford car which was about 20 meters away has burnt into ashes, there is a hotel near by ( Hotel de Texas) all the glasses are broken so are the glasses and TVs of the people who are staying withing 100 meters from the place.

Police and fire fighters were trying to put out the fire but they are not doing well since the fire is too strong and I think they are afraid there might be another blast but as of now that I am sending you this mail, it is raining very heavily here which every body thinks is a good thing and a good course.

There are a lot of casualties and it's not good at all. There are blood on almost every one who suffered from the blast. Roofing sheets and ceilings withing 20 meters are no where to be found. Light polls have been destroyed and electric wires are on the street. The sad thing is some trotro drivers and taxi drivers are taking advantage of this to ignore the traffic lights and this has caused about 4 cars to have an accident of which one has crushed beyond recognition.

People are been asked to stay in their houses. Countless ambulances are waiting over to take care of the people who are injured. It's a sad thing to happen when just last night a truck and an Orvan collided at Tech police station resulting in a serious fatality.

Five death were reported. Peoples arms and heads were lying about as if there were not once joined together. I think Kumasi needs prayers. When the blast occured, I first thought it was an earth quake because of how strong the blast was. Kumasi has indeed suffered a catastrophe and should be remembered in prayers. I hope you find this report resourceful. If there is any questions and investigations you will want me to do, I will gladly do that for you. Greetings to everybody, Shalom.


residential houses, Cars, Hotels, such as Georgia and some near by school Sawmill and other properties have been destroy. Almost 200 people have been affected by injuries and send to hospitals. Many areas as Melenium Hotel even up to Kumasi breway and Hell in kumasi and September 9 have been here in Kumasi. Why do our people do things any way they like. Our authorities must be brougth to book and even punished for some resons.