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General News of Monday, 16 September 2019


Kevin Taylor descends on Ken Agyapong in dirty ‘war of words'

Kevin Ekow Baidoo Taylor Kevin Ekow Baidoo Taylor

Social media commentator, Kevin Ekow Baidoo Taylor, has “advised,” Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Ken Agyapong, to stop being an “idiot” because his acts are embarrassing.

The host of “With All Due Respect’, in a reaction to jabs from the NPP bigwig who had earlier described him as a “bastard son of a prostitute and akpeteshie seller”, said if President Akufo-Addo is scared to condemn Ken Agyapong’s “weak-minded, disrespectful, and disgusting” attitude, he Ebo Taylor will not entertain it.

Speaking on his YouTube channel monitored by Ghanaweb, he noted that “Ken has created the impression that he is the most weak-minded, selfish, arrogant, and disrespectful individual in the NPP government. This man is childish, petty and has echoed his attitude in his government through his everyday utterances”.

“With all due respect, Ken Agyapong has said things in the past. He has actually insulted Presidents, his colleagues and at a point, he made a direct statement against the President but none of this has been addressed by the President. In all these, the NPP and the President are silent, they have proven several times that they are hypocrites and are scared of such ranting sycophant," he added.

According to Mr. Taylor, Ken Agyapong has become the “biggest white elephant” to the point where no one is bold enough to tell him “Mr. Kennedy you are being an idiot” but instead members of the governing party, NPP, worship and praise him albeit his “disgusting” attitude.

Ekow Baidoo Taylor who appears unconcerned by the legislator’s comments against him said, “As a young Ghanaian I am ashamed that someone like Kennedy Agyapong makes laws for my country”.

“We Ghanaians have enabled people like Ken Agyapong whom we feed with our tax money to become the monster he is today. We the same people have lost our sentiment because we have picked parties and tribal politics over our sense of dignity and respect so we blindly clap for jokers and hypocritical individuals like Ken Agyapong when he acts irresponsibly”, he stated.

The avowed critic of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government, further stated that he had always tried to give the NPP the benefit of the doubt when people raised issues of “family and friends” government but the President’s attitude towards Ken’s behavior is making him conclude that the speculations are actually not far from the truth.

RE: Mr Taylor has debunked reports that he has responded to allegations levelled against him by honourable Kennedy Agyapong. Taking to his Facebook page, he stated that the purported video being attributed to him is an old video in circulation.

This video was originally posted on August 23, 2019