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General News of Sunday, 3 June 2018

Source: Class FM

Ken Agyapong's 'Anas' angry; threatens legal action as he fears for his life

Patrick Marcelino, a Brazilian footballer who plays for Ferroviária as a right back, has said he intends taking all the necessary “legal steps” to remedy the “very bad situation” Ghanaian lawmaker Kennedy Agyapong has put him in, by splashing his pictures on TV and social media, claiming the images are those of masked investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas.

In a short video on Facebook, Marcelino, said: “Listen, I’ve never been to Ghana. How can I be [Anas], I’m not affiliated to no political party, I don’t like politics…”, adding: “Right now because of this whole sh*t, my whole career is in danger. … [I’m] about to make some big steps and these guys are just freaking around with my pictures…”

Marcelino stressed in the video: “One more time, to all the people of Ghana, I am not Anas, I’m Patrick Marcelino, you can check me out on the internet, whatever, Google me”.

He threatened: “… And Kennedy, this will not be without any precautions, I will take the legal steps that will have to be taken to set this thing right, you better know that I will”. “All the words that are coming out of my mouth right now are very serious”, he warned.

Despite his anger at the lawmaker, the footballer found it necessary to say sorry to Ghanaians for the “misinformation”.

“… I just want to apologise to all the people in Ghana that got this misinformation, bad information, wrong information thinking right now that we know who Anas is. I don’t care about who the image of this [person] is but he’s not me and I’m apologising because I love the homeland, I love Africa and this is something that is putting me in a very bad situation because if I wanted to go to Ghana right now, I’ve got to watch my a** for all kinds of political parties and people that are supporters of political parties, I would not be sure of my life, so, please people of Ghana, look at this face, you see me? Patrick Marcelino, half Dutch, half Brazilian, there’s no Ghanaian in that … I’m mad … and Kennedy you are big sucker, better do your work right, if you want to choose somebody, choose somebody with less followers or whatever, somebody that’s already dead”, he added.

Mr Agyapong released pictures of his version of Anas as part of his campaign to unmask the award-winning journalist whom he has described as “wicked, corrupt, evil, blackmailer, thief” amongst other allegations.

Anas is billed to premiere his latest undercover work which he did with the BBC concerning corruption in Ghana’s football.

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