Jake, Bamba, Lord Commey, Send NPP Thugs To Sunyani | General News 2011-07-06
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General News of Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Source: The Informer

Jake, Bamba, Lord Commey, Send NPP Thugs To Sunyani

To Cause Confusion

But NDC & National Security Say ‘Lie-lie’

Intelligence Desk Report

In as much as FONKAR has chosen to use insults and invectives as its lingo in the buildup to the NDC’s congress this weekend, it is as clear as daylight that the maturity that has been displayed by G.A.M.E. will keep the party intact to the dismay of NPP.
And realizing that G.A.M.E. is not spoiling for a fight; which might not get the NDC congress soaked in blood, The Informer has it on authority that Jake Otanka Obetsebi-Lamptey, Mocta Bamba, and Lord Commey, have dispatched NPP wee-smoking and cocaine-sniffing Action Troopers cum Bamba Boys to Sunyani, for the purpose of causing confusion during the congress.

With no message for the electorate, and with a flagbearer who is difficult to market, Jake and co are doing everything to tag the NDC as a violent party; hoping that such a negative tag is what will make the NPP win the 2012 elections.

According to the information picked up, about 100 NPP thugs will operate around the precincts of the Sunyani Sports Stadium, where the congress will take place.
The thugs will masquerade as NDC supporters with most of them wearing FONKAR T-shirts to create the impression that FONKAR has a large following.
Upon the instructions of Jake, Bamba and Lord Commey, the wee-smoking and cocaine-sniffing thugs; after getting high on their substances, are supposed to create confusion and get some blood to flow.
The game plan is that, once the thugs start misbehaving, the largely pro-NPP media present in Sunyani, will blow the news out of proportion, to create the false impression that Armageddon has hit the NDC.
From the information gathered, the Bamba Boys, who are based in the Brong Ahafo Region base of Mocta Bamba, are expected to lead the onslaught with the Lord Commey’s Accra based Action Troopers providing rear support.
It is, however, a matter of fact that the NDC, with the help of National Security, has put in place measures to ensure that the NPP does not succeed with its evil agenda.
Speaking to The Informer, Deputy National Propaganda Secretary, Solomon Nkansah, confirmed that the party has also picked up such information.
According to Solo, as he is affectionately referred to, the Deputy National Propaganda Secretary said that the information reached the party sometime last week and the appropriate authorities have been informed to be on high alert to pick up any NPP thug who will attempt to disrupt the congress.
“As far as we are concerned, FONKAR and G.A.M.E. are members of one family and we will come out of the congress united. We are not going to fight as the NPP wishes, that is why we are not surprised that they are planning to send people there to misbehave and pin in on the NDC” Solo said.
“We have informed the national security and they have assured us that anybody who messes up will regret it that is why we are warning the Bamba Boys and Action Troopers not to be misled by their leaders to enter Sunyani because they will have themselves to blame if they do”
A national security operative also confirmed the plan by Jake and co to cause confusion at the congress.
“We have picked up the same information about the NPP National Chairman and some of his executives wanting to disrupt the congress and have put in place adequate and maximum security to deal drastically with and person or group of persons who will attempt to misbehave in Sunyani” the operative said.
“The Commander-in-Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces will be present and so we will leave nothing to chance” the national security operative added.
“Let me be frank with you; we shall be on red alert and anybody who attempts to misbehave will regret the moment he/she conceived of the idea to misbehave” the wild-sounding operative said.
History has it that Jake’s father, in the 1950s and 60s, was very instrumental in distributing bombs to young terrorists like I.C Quaye for them to be detonating at CPP rallies.
With a father who died with a lot of blood on his hands, it is not surprising that Jake Obetsebi Lamptey does not hesitate to also soil his hands with blood.
As the Chief of Staff and Minister for Presidential Affairs in 2001, the death of over 126 football fans on the 9th of May that year, could be placed at the doorstep of Jake.
Indeed, Jake benefited immensely from the death of the football fans since he has still not accounted for the billions of cedis and foreign currency that accrued to the Stadium Disaster Fund which he set up to ostensibly raise funds to cater for family members of the victims.
In the buildup to the 2000 election, Jake, as Kufuor’s Campaign Manager, is believed to have been very instrumental in littering parts of Ghana with the dead bodies of women to create a situation of fear and panic.
In all honesty, Jake succeeded in scaring Ghanaians not to vote the NDC with the NPP’s strategy of splashing dead bodies all over the place.
The same Jake Obetsebi Lamptey was the wicked brain behind the recent attempt to create panic a fear ala the hoax-of-a-story about a highway robbery cum mass rape involving a certain Amina.

It would also be recalled that at the NPP’s congress in Legon where Lord Commey was elected National Organiser, Commey’s boys and Bamba’s boys were involved in a heavy clash that saw a lot of blood flow as well as limbs severed.

Indeed, at the same Legon in 2008, when the NPP went to congress to elect a flagbearer, the selfsame Lord Commey engineered the near-lynching of a certain Paul Afoko, who was one of Allan Kyeremanteng’s right-hand men.

Jake Obetsebi Lamptey, National Chairman of the NPP, Mocta Bamba, National Organiser of the NPP, and Lord Commey, Operations Director for Akufo-Addo’s campaign, are most certainly the axis of evil around which the NPP’s campaign will revolve except that as is happening with their Sunyani plan being exposed; all their evil machinations will be exposed.