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Opinions of Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Columnist: Sarpong, Justice

It's An Election Not War

On December 7, Ghanaians will go to the polls to elect a President and Parliamentarians for the next four years to manage our dear country. We have eight Presidential candidates trying to become the leader of our country but realistically, only Nana Akuffo Addo or President Mahama has any chance of assuming the office of the Presidency and one of them will become the next President of this country. As such, my appeal for peace is directed to the supporters of the political parties, NPP and NDC whose supporters engaged in skirmishes during the Biometric registration

For more than a year now, some of us have defended and praised our preferred candidates because we believe that they are the best candidates. We have engaged in war of words, sometimes harshly to each other with insults not because we hate each other. We are all operating in cyberspace where we have not laid eyes on our cyber friends and nemesis but have been bounded because of our beliefs. I believe we all love our beautiful country the same. I's just that we have choices as human beings and are bound to have disagreements for who we want to support but this should not degenerate into physical confrontations. After December 7, some of us will be joyful and others will be sorrowful but that will not be the end of the world. Hopefully whoever becomes President will do the best for the country instead of what we have seen so far.

This weekend, I appealed to my family back home to go and vote and head straight back home and wait for the results. As a matter of fact, whoever becomes President will not change the lifestyle of many of us in diasporia and some Ghanaians back home so it is not worth anybody's life or freedom to behave like a potvaliant and find themselves in trouble. I hope my colleagues in diasporia will tell their folks back home to do the same because no Politician in Ghana comfortability is worth their lives or freedom. Advise your family to refrain from any criminal act. I am also appealing Ghanaian mothers to advise their children not to fall for Politicians 'pokito' enticements. The so called Machomen should refrain from doing anything that can plung the country into chaos, one of their members, Marfius is fighting for his life at Komfo Anokye Hospital and the same misfortune can befall them if the populace decide to mete instand justice as they did to their colleague a few days ago for acting foolishly.

We have Party officials, the Electoral Commission Officials and the Security Agencies to guard the ballot boxes against any fraudulent undertaking and they should be left to do their jobs. If you decide to hang around the polling station and observe anything bad, don't confront anybody but call the radio stations or your party office and let them handle the situation.

Ghana will have a peaceful election if the Electoral Commissioner, the IGP and all those who have a stake in maintaining the peace in our country are willing to do their part and I am appealing to all those people to discharge their duties without any favouritism. If these people fainaigue, they will create avenues for trouble makers to embarb on their nefarious activities. They should discharge their duties faithfully without favors.

Next, the two main contestants in this election, President Mahama and Nana Akuffo Addo should urge their supporters not to resort to any unlawful pursuits like stealing ballot boxes or try to prevent others from exercising their constitutional obligations. The two gentlemen don't have balsamaceous powers to help anybody who becomes a victim for acting unlawfully. The mantra "All die be die" should not be taken literally for anybody to act stupid neither should anybody be influenced by the NDC Heroes fund insurance to act stupid because after the elections, you are going to be on your own. If you end up in a wheelchair, no politician care for you.

To the voters, I am appealing to you to let your conscience be your secret police and cast your ballot not on the fifty cedis given to you by your local Party money man to influence your vote because that fifty cedis will not even last you one week let alone for the next four years. If any Politician approach you to embark on a nefarious activity, ask him or her that you need a partner to carry out that assignment and you will only accept either their children, brothers or sisters to help you. If they are not willing to give such assignment to their own family members, tell them to take a hike. It's just sad more than 95% of these Politicians have their children schooling abroad securely cocooned in the comfort of Europe or America but are willing to use you the poor folks as sacrificial lambs so that they can continue to enjoy their privilege lives. Look at the situation that happened in Kumasi about three days ago. Marfius could have died and his family might have received a couple of thousand cedis from the HEROES FUND. Is that all your life is worth? Folks don't embark on a diabolical mission for any politician because your life in all sincerety is worth nothing to them.

As citizens, let's all pray to God to bless Ghana to have a peaceful election. God has not chosen anybody yet. We will know through your votes after December 7. God will bless whoever is voted for to become President. God is neither NDC or NPP and if anybody is campaigning that he has already appointed them, they are just blaspheming just like a coffin maker who prays to God to make his business prosper whilst praying fervently to God to save the life of his sick wife. Who should die to make his business prosper when he is praying to God to save the life of his wife?

Think about how you vote because whoever you vote for, you will have to deal with them for the next four years, good or bad. Vote for truthful candidates and anybody who tries to buy your vote has no good intention.You can't cast a play in Hell and expect Angels as Actors.

We are all one people with common destiny as Ghanaians. We should not allow the Politicians to divide us because they are fighting for their comfort and to lord it over us but we still need to vote for somebody to lead us but don't become a sacrificial lamb.Ghanaians are going to choose our leaders on December 7, we are not going to vote to declare war against another country.


Long live Ghana.

Justice Sarpong

Houston, Texas