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Politics of Friday, 8 May 2015

Source: Edusei-Marfo

Isaac Osei Masterminded Someone’s Disqualification – NPP Executive

The Subin New Patriotic Party (NPP) constituency Youth Organizer is alleging that the Member of Parliament (MP) for the area, Isaac Osei caused the disqualification of a parliamentary candidate aspirant ahead of the 2008 elections.

Prince Boateng further alleged that masterminding the disqualification of aspirants is a common practice in the constituency which is why the delegates in the area are kicking against an impending disqualification of an aspirant called J.B. Danquah.

"We are not afraid about the disqualification of anyone...but I have done some before. Isaac Osei and I have done some before. In fact, in the 2008 election, a certain man called Mr Charles Hagan – I helped them and I made a serious move to make sure that that particular person will be disqualified and it happens," he said.

The delegates in the Subin constituency at a secret press briefing on Tuesday ordered the national, regional and constituency executives of the party to defer any plans of disqualifying Mr. J.B. Danquah.

They indicated that failure to heed their warning will result in the withdrawal of their support for the party in the 2016 elections.

They also threatened to campaign for the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Giving the reasons which informed their demand, Frederick Bempah on Subin Issues said they are reliably informed that the candidate some party members were planning to disqualify is J.B. Danquah.

He continued that the delegates are fully aware of the practice and "in fact, they sent more than 20 petitions to the vetting committee [to disqualify J.B.Danquah in 2012] which is wrong and an infringement on human rights. That is the game that happens every time so we know everything."

He served notice that "if anybody from the regional or national disqualifies J.B. Danquah, there is going to be serious confusion and mayhem in the constituency."

In the same vein, Isaac Osei is waging a dirty and negative media campaign against the front runner, Eugene Boakye Antwi, by paying unscrupulous delegate(s) to secretly record him and leaking it to the press, using his Freemason hanger-on and opportunist Chieff Mohammed Obosu. They have over the last few days been leaking these edited secret audio recordings to numerous radio stations across the country, ostensibly to turn the delegates against the frontrunner, but the delegates have indicated their determination to vote massively against Isaac Osei for encouraging and using secret recordings against his competitor, thereby allowing NDC to capitalise on such issues to the detriment of NPP nationally.

After reneging on his promise to the frontrunner in 2013, Isaac Osei has been creating unnecessary tension and division in the Subin constituency. Subin has known no peace under Isaac Osei. He is only interested in winning the parliamentary seat and does not care if NPP wins the Presidency. He goes around bragging that he will pay huge sums of money to the delegates on Election Day and they will forget about his ungentlemanly and selfish behaviour, attitude and conduct. He neglected the constituency the whole of 2013-2014.

"We are warning them because we are going to do it!" he stressed.

The NPP is presently vetting candidates who are aspiring to be elected during the party's primaries in June to enable them represent their various constituencies in the 2016 elections.