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Politics of Wednesday, 20 June 2018


Investigate Afenyo Markin for money laundering and cyber crime - NDC to security agencies

The Effutu constituency executives of the National Democratic Congress(NDC) are calling on the security agencies to investigate the Hon. Member of Parliament for Effutu in the central region, Alex Afenyo Markin for his alleged involvement in money laundering and cyber crime.

The member of parliament according to the party is either directly involved in the acts or is a conduit for the fraudsters who use the bank accounts of prominent people to facilitate their dubious acts.

The call by the party follows the assault on the party’s constituency communication director Julius Naagmiwinnore by some persons in the area the party says were lead by the Member of Parliament.

The communication director had made a comment on a local radio station during their political talk show alleging that a lady who was recently murdered in the area came from a home where some of the members are suspected to be engaged in cyber crime necessitating that investigations are widened by the police into the family too in fishing out the real culprits especially when cyber crime popularly known as ‘sakawa’ require rituals including human blood at times.

The comment according to the party did not go well with the honourable member of parliament who took it as an attack on him and therefore led some thugs to attack the party’s communication director Julius Naagmiwinnore and even seized his mobile phone in the process.

The member of parliament according to the party alleged that Julius may have some incriminating information about him on his phone which needed to be searched and deleted.

Speaking to Starr News Central Regional Correspondent Kwaku Bash-Acheamfour during a press conference on the incident at Winneba, the the party’s Constituency Secretary Emmanuel Oboi Baiden, argues that the action of the member of parliament to claim that he was the target of the communication director’s comment thereby leading thugs to attack him and even seizing his phones and deleting some files from it clearly means that Afenyo Markin has something to engaged in some negative acts which he may have succeeded in hiding from the public and therefore must be investigated.

The honourable member of parliament, the party’s secretary indicated is also mostly seen in the company of some persons the Winneba community suspect to be involved in cyber crime with him being a possible conduit for their nefarious activity possible using his bank account to facilitate their activities.

Mr. Baiden indicated that the the quantum of money splashed around by the member of Parliament and lawyer is also source of concern to the people with many describing it as abnormal looking at the salary of legislatures in the country.