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Regional News of Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Source: GNA

International yoga expert to offer free lessons in Ghana

Madam Nieves Lahuerta, an international certified yoga instructor and therapist is to offer free yoga techniques in Ghana -to allow Ghanaians benefit from good healthy lifestyles.

Madam Lahuerta, who is the founder of Accra Shala Yoga said; yoga practice is a great technique in dealing with stress and had so many health benefits that many Ghanaians should be interested in.

Speaking with the media in Accra on Monday on the initiative, she advised Ghanaians to take advantage of her one-month free-yoga lessons being organized by the Accra Shala Yoga.

The free yoga lessons programme under the Ghana Yoga Project will be formally launched on November 8, 2014, at the Accra Shala Yoga studio, Airport Residential Area.

The project seeks to make Ghanaians appreciate the nutritional practice, food, breath techniques, physical exercises and health education associated with yoga and how they help to make people have harmony with themselves and the environment.

Madam Lahuerta promised to make the free yoga lessons twice a month if the Ghanaian public becomes enthusiastic with an increase in numbers.

Madam Lahuerta has served as an international certified yoga instructor for the past 10 years and practiced it for more than 17 years.

She said she was eager to let Ghanaians also enjoy the health benefits that come with Yoga practice and that yoga should not be seen as the preserve of only a few privileged people.

“When you practice yoga, it is not only the food, breath techniques and physical exercise that one will experience, but also one will feel a complete change in the body. I wish to point out to the Ghanaian public that yoga is not a religion.”

Madam Lahuerta expressed eagerness to train Ghanaians to be yoga teachers.

“So I want to give the opportunity to the Ghanaian people and Africa in general- to understand the real meaning of yoga with regard to the nutrition, breath, health and physical exercises associated with it.

“In this world that we are living in today, we deal with many problems, but with Yoga practice, it can help us remain strong in the face of it all.” She explained that “Yoga emphasizes the need to relate well with the environment, how to deal with fellow human beings and oneself. When you practice yoga your life changes completely.”

Currently Madam Lahuerta, through the Accra Shala Yoga studio, holds regular classes and organizes Yoga workshops with many teachers around the world in Accra.

Her teachings are based on the traditionally Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Raja Yoga and Panayama.