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General News of Sunday, 26 January 2003

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Increase In Petroleum Prices: The People's Voice

865 GhanaHomePage visitors took part in a poll held from January 18-21

Question: 100% Increase in prices of petroleum products is

Too Much63.70%
Just Right31.91%
Too Low1.5%
No Opinion3.6%

Unedited Comments From Some of our Visitors

NPP was unpatriotic when they organized strike against NDC concerning fuel price. Now they want Ghanaians to understand them. Hypocrites I will them.

Bye Bye Ghana! I tried my best to live in my own country, but the ministers i work with have proved to me they don't give a damm about the people. While they ask the people to tighten their belts, they keep buying expensive, fuel gazziling cars for their relatives. Two days after the increase, I was invited by a ministers relative to see her new 4.2litre car..... BYE BYE. Call me waht you want, but I'll not be a witness to the next violent revolt
--Chris (in Ghana)

I see nothing wrong paying realistic price. But the govt. must do well to curb the much waste in the system and also march the increase with a correspondance increase in salaries.
With this increment too, I believe the govt. has stopped subsidicing fuel in Ghana. Fine, then duties on imported cars which was based on this subsidy too must be reduced.
--Raw Makyuku

What this rudderless gov't should have done long before this time is to stop the massive and obscene corruption ravaging our country and more particular so among the ruling elite. The thieves, calling themselves politicians will never be affected by this atrocious price increases because they either have their ill-gotten booty to take care of the increases OR that they don't even pay for petrol.
Eternal shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is always the poor man who has to bear the iniquities of these heartless criminals. What a tragedy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I see this as a serious political blunder by this government. They have been in power for two years now and should have know the debt and how it is building up so they can systematically do something about it. For them to wait, and worse still do nothing about the dynamics of the debt until it reaches the level where they virtually have to punish Ghanaians for it is despicable. Sometime ago, I had the impression that the crop of persons we have within the NPP leadership will solve the problems of Ghana if the they are given the chance, I am not certain anymore. Mr President, when did you know about this debt, when you decided to to take a short break in Ghana after you excursions?
--Kwame Yeboah

It is really a fact that prices of petroleum products are needed to be adjusted upwards, but 100% increment is totally inhuman and unacceptable without the necessary adjustment in salaries of poor workers in this country. This a gov't that cried foul when in opposition. This is a gov't that saw such adjustment in the previuos gov't as unnecessary and irresponsible. President Kuffour cannot be trusted and we must show him the exit come Dec 2004. He has shown gross ineptitude and naivety in the management of our economy while members of his gov't are living in total affluence.
The thumbs shall rise up against President kuffour and his National Pickpockets Party (NPP.)

An economically pragmatic step without a human face!

I think the govenment should get out of the petrolum business and let the market find its roots and level.
--Osei Bonsu

How can NPP justify this new price of petrol at the time ordinary people are just surviving, not living. Where are the men and ideas they have been claiming to have.
Ministers, party and government functionaries still live in luxury and ordinary people are always told to expect worse situations. Has anything changed positively in Ghana apart from the life-style of the president and his cronies?.
Instead of thinking of solving the problems in the country, you are foolishly trying to embose your self on the country by creating personality cults. If you are great, you can be embosed on peoples mind even without your picture in their house, for mow you can only be remembered as a liar, and the president who came to waste Ghana,s time for four years.
Dan Lartey is a more pragmatic leader than you, if I had my way, Ghana will organise an election next week to get you out, I dont care which party wins, but for you JA Kufour, you are a real waste of Ghana's time.
Only God knows how Ghana will be at the end of this year.
And let me remind you, it is irresponsible to bame the former government ofr your price increases you promised you knew Ghana's problems and you had solutions to them. Now that it is clear you dont have anything in your head to move the country forward why are you even wating time to rule for another yours after this. Even a petty trader at Kajatia can manage Ghana better than you. You have even started rewarding yourself with culys. God be with us all

People who have a problem will have to tell us who will have to subsidise the prices of these products? Where does the country get the money for that kind of parasitic economic practice.
We cannot as a country continue to live in a fools paradise. It is on record that the Western regional Chairman of the NDC was during the reign of the NDC always smuggling petroleum products to Ivory Coast. The NDC therefore has no moral right to dictate to this government on the issues surrounding pricing of the petroleum products. Besides this irrational economic policy, they must be willing to ell Ghananians how the 4.5 trillion debt came about. When Rawlings was describing Tsatsu Tsikata as his financial wizard, they were busily stealing all the money all in the name of a so-called revolution. It is really irritating when these Animal Farm politicians want to preach to us on the principles of good governance and accountability.
The nation is now being made to pay for these mismanagement.That was possible because the price of these products have always been cheaper than our neighbouring countries in the West African Coast.
The subsidy must simply be used to increase the salaries of workers. That is the only way the country can move forward in development.
--Kofi Donkor

The increment is normal, but I think the difference is too much. We're talking about a gov't which saw nothing good about such raises, when it was in opposition. I guess they have learnt their lesson now and have come to realize that we have no control over such commodities at the world market. Thus they cannot politicise it the next time they're in opposition, which of course will become a reality very soon. NPP (Kukrudu) ... Eshi basa basa basa ... animguasee ni?

It does appear that the NPP Government has lost control over the situation. They have no capacity to manage the economy anymore, let's get them out next election. Ok
--Daniel Owusu

I think the new fuel price is in the right direction, this is to avoid smuggling of the product to neighbuoring countries since smuggling put additional cost to the state as is highly subsidiesed by the nation and also to keep our fragile economy on track,thirdly for the refinery to be able to break even in its operationalexpenditure in order keep it supply of fuel product to the nation.
--Theophilus Tetteh

I think the gov. should have introduced the mass BUS transportaion before making the increse so as to make the masses used to the the situation.

How does the government expect people to cope. I bet this is going to breed more armed robberies and all illegal acts. Am disappointed and have no confidence in this government

I think we Ghanaians want to break away from poverty, if so then in my opinion is the fuel price is just right. There is apoverty cycle that needs to be tactled head on. If we start paying economic prices for product and services then the top ups by the govt. will stop and the money channel to provide social services.and workers can then ask the govt to also pay economic rate if we don,t do this we will not get anywhere.
There is also an outside comment that i want to make, that is gov shd start employing graduate students to manage our district and town they should run it like a business, ie coming up with a plan and making sure result is produce at the end of the day This shd be done through the local council with less gov. intervension.this will free gov. to concerntrate on providing social infrastrature am in uk at the moment please can get address, fax, email address to the gov. office thanks
--michael odei wayne

I think the percent increase in fuel prices is unjustifiable when those in government buy flashy cars and then tell the masses to swallow a bitter. The question is I ask myself is do they swllow the bitter bill? What a nonsense is that. I don't believe any Ghanaian politician. They are all the same.
--P.K,. Oppong-Boakye

The government is full of stupid people who call themselves gurus.
Kuffour and his people should be kicked out before their 4 years is due. I spoke to his son in USA and he said they are not suffering but its the foolish people who voted for his dad that are rather suffering. foolish gov. no one should vote for them again

It is just too much!! These are some of the things that breed corruption. If you do not have adequate pay increase but have to contend with things like these, how does one survive?!! Corrupt ways of course. This is just common reasoning. No wonder Ghanaians are well noted as magicians when it comes to surviving on low wages and salaries. God help us!!
--martin avevor

100% is too much man.I personally expected politicians of today to have known that Ghanaians are out from the doldrums.This is one of the dirty strategies that the previous govt employed but did not work.I could say that this administration has decided to tighten up things in their third year and loosen it in the election yr which is normal of politicians.(illiterates and ignorant fools as they see us.)

NPP government is hopeless, their management is bad. The president has lost control on his ministers. How can poor common people pay for public officers mismanagement.
--Emmanuel Amoh

Timing for the increase of prices of petroleum prices is bad.Many Ghanaians have just celebrated Xmas, schools have just reopened and January is the longest month in terms of payment of salaries.The increase should have been done between July and September last year and of course at a reasonable percentage.I am really sad. The effect will be too bad for government and Ghanaians will suffer so much.
--Desmond Woyome


This is what happens and what will continue if we don't STOP playing politics with very sensitive issues. I wonder how those who were involved in demonstrations against fuel price increase some time back are now feeling. I trust that just like VAT they are comfortable with what is happening because they are now milking us dry. GOD bless us!!!
--Dr. Ernest Collison

I think it is too much for the average ghanaian worker. We outside ghana feels for them ,considering the economic hardship inthe country. the Govt. shd do something about it. NPP members in parilment shd put party affliations aside in debating the fuel issue .may god help the poor civil serverants. GOD BLESS US ALL.

The Government is not sensitive to the plight of Ghanaians
--Opoku George

Thanks to the NDC people. Now we all have to pay for the TOR debt.

Once the govt knew it was going to do what it did, it should have set in motion a technical machinery to work out the transport fairs alongside the increase. As it stands now it is anything goes for the drivers and the poor passengers are the victims, Does the govt indeed have the meen to do the work?
--efo kodjo

When "IFC" loan failed, GOv't is now pursuing IMF policies by increasing the cost to meet IMF obligations for more loan. You see the poor man suffers, whilst gov't officials draw 50 gals a week.

Ghanaian motorists will be paying more for petroleum products than most in the world.This beggars belief

Why should our government subsidise fuel for individuals and companies to use for commercial purposes and also to smuggle across our borders to the detriment of the future generation. It is a wise (economic) decision to increase the fuel prices to the present level.
--stephen adomako

Ghanaians are being rob in broad daylight. We are crying for help, we didn't expect the sword. this is a real shocker. Is the the beging of what is to come? 2003 has just started please SOS.
--Kwabena Anim

It's really unfortunate that the situation in Ghana is not getting any better. People are becomig poorer and poorer everyday and there seems not to be any solution to these problems. 100% increase in petrol and petroleum products is inhumane. The Government should tell Ghanaians the justfication in these increases. We demand to know. Salaries of workers should also be increased by 100%.
I am not trying to point accusing fingers at anyone but not long ago these same government then in opposition told the then NDC government to find alternative ways to increase its revenue without necessarily increasing petrol and petroleum products. Then, you now turn around and repeat the same mistakes your predessors did is unpardonable. We need to be told why such a hugh increase not fortetting the fact that the prices of utilities will also go up in the next few months. Ghanaians are tired of politicians and their lies.We are fed up.
--John Cudjoe

Its just too much please, i want the opposition to do something about this in paliament. else we will DIE

Increase in prices of petroleum product is too high , the NPP government should do something immediately they always put blame on the past government.I voted for NPP but they have totally dissapoint us.How should an ordinary worker live with 100% increament?

The 100% increase in petroluem prises is very justified in the face of the raising cost of crude oil prises on the world markets and the depreciation of the cedi. it's time ghanaians paid realistic prises for fuel. the government should be congratulated for taking the bold step and increaseing prises unlike the previous governmnet who because they didn't want to be voted out of power kept petrol prises at unrealistic levels just to score cheap political points! they should be ashmed of themselves!
--baffour akoto

Indeed Ghanaians are really being forced to take very bitter pills. All our politicians have failed us because of their selfishness and hypocrisy. Anybody in Ghana today who thinks any politician will solve the problems of our dear country is leaving in a fool Paradise. Please God descend now because we have not only destroyed the rich natural resources you gave us, we have made things so difficult even for the unborn generation

Much as there is the need for the Government to ensure quality living for the populace and also manage the huge debt incurred by TOR, there is also the need to consider the absolute "weight" of percentage in terms of price of the fuel that has been put on Ghanaians.
Every body is asking; Why cant the management and for that matter, employees of TOR bear the consequence of this Petrolium crises.
The rate of percentage is too heavy for the average Ghanaian (who constitute the greater percentate of the population) to carry.
Definitely, this sudden increase, irrespective of impending wage increase, will MAKE THE NPP GOVERNMENT UNPOPULAR!!
As an ardent supporter of NPP, it is my fevernt prayer and appeal to President Kuffour to review the whole state of affairs regarding the FUEL CRISES!

At $2.40 a gallon ghanaians will be feeling the pinch These spin doctors are the best ,they can certainly sell snow to the Eskimos

The root cause of Ghana's economic failure lies with the ill-thought concept of subsidies. Get rid of subsidies, give farmers market value for their goods, and implement effective taxation. What we have now is a situation where government effectively overtaxes farmers to subsidise the lifestyles of city dwellers. Lets not deceive ourselves, someone has to pay for the cost of these subsidies, and it's our hard working farmers. Give these hardworking people their FAIR share of the economic pie. Stop subsidising rich city folks.
--Benjamin Frempong

I don't really know if this Kuffour administration really knows what they are doing and if they know,i don,t know what they think of the ordinary ghanaian whom they have failed to provide jobs for.At times i wonder if it worth it going to the ballot box at all.I am completely disappointed in the leadership of this president and i even regret that my vote was part of the drama that brought him to power.I don,t think they do have the plight of the man on the street, who has no job and nothing to feed on at heart.because if they do they will not consider increasing the prices to that level because to me there are a whole lot of ways to fine solutions to the TOR problem.
Am very sure the president is aware of what the ministers have being doing,using petrol for free,and goes to the extent of given free petrols to their girlfriends and the man on the street with no job and even have it very difficult to survive will be forced to pay for these useless ministers to enjoy.It is such a shame that the government could not sit down and check all the waste in the system and seal that to benefit the guy on the street but rather resort to putting much burden on the man on the street.
A whole lot of people are going to die because of this price hikes and i bet you their blood will be requested from the Kuffour administration. They always say that certain comments made on the Tv and radio can cause chaos in the land but i think they have called for the drums to be played for them and it shall be played.