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General News of Monday, 3 April 2017


I suspect Cadman Mills had a hand in Mills' death - Family member

Dr. Cadman Mills, brother to the late president John Evans Atta Mills has incurred the wrath of family of over his recent interview with Accra based Starr Fm about the late brother.

Dr. Cadman Mills among other comments said on Star Fm that, the late president never hailed from Ekumfi Otuam in the Central Region.

He said his brother, other siblings, his parents and their family are not natives of Otuam as speculated by a section of Ghanaians.

Dr Cadman Mills revealed that the purported family house in Otuam is not theirs and that their family house is in Cape Coast describing it as a ‘legend’ that Ghana’s late President hailed from Otuam.

“There is this legend that former President Mills comes from Otuam, it’s probably true, I don’t know, but the first time I heard of this legend was when I was about 60 years old. I have lived that long without knowing that I had any links Otuam, I am telling you this. I did some research on it, and I was told that somewhere when he was filing his nomination papers, he put there that he hails from Otuam or something like that. “

“…What is most scandalous is that perhaps Bola Ray believes former President Mills comes from Otuam. When he died, you knew that he had siblings, so they also must come from Otuam, at least ask us to lead you to the family in Otuam. Out of nowhere, I mean we Ghanaians can be very bold, people I don’t know from Adam, I never heard of become my family heads and my family. They even published pictures of the twins, President Mills and I. They invented a family for me. My family head ever since I was born, i was told is that we come from Cape Coast. I thought maybe it was political because nobody comes from Cape Coast. So that is why it was necessary for Prof Mills to do that, if he indeed he did that, to put another town Otuam, as his home town or where he hails from. The real family is in Cape Coast,’’ he told Starr Fm.

But Nana Kojo Mensah a nephew to the late president has slammed Dr. Cadman Mills describing him as pathological liar.

The man who appeared furious also alleged that, Dr. Cadman Mills could have a hand in the death of his own brother.

‘’Dr. Cadman Mills is a pathological liar. I suspect he had a hand in his brother’s death. The reason why I made that allegation is that, we are all aware that the late president hails from Ekumfi Otuam…Why is he making such claims?

He hinted that the family had met and will soon summon him to answer some questions.

His comments he lamented, were unfortunate and unfounded adding, Dr. Cadman Mills is ignorant of his own root and history.

According to him, Dr. Cadman Mills does not visit his hometown and so, he has lost it when it comes to his own history.

He further slammed the National Democratic Congress (NDC) for deceiving the family and failing honour the late leader for his enormous contributions to the development of this country.

He said the family have been treated unfairly since the death of the late president.

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