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General News of Wednesday, 19 February 2020


I’m not going unopposed because there is disunity in my constituency – Kofi Adda

Kofi Adda, Aviation Minister Kofi Adda, Aviation Minister

Minister for Aviation and incumbent Member of Parliament for Navrongo Central,Hon. Kofi Adda has said that had it not been because of disunity in his party,he would have gone unopposed in the upcoming NPP Parliamentary Primaries.

According to him, his stay on the seat since 2003 as MP for the Constituency made the NPP attractive to voters and strengthened the party’s fortunes hence,allowing those who have not contributed to the party to contest him will jeopardize the chances of the party.

Mr. Adda indicated that it would have been appropriate for the party’s leadership to protect him to safeguard the seat for the NPP since he has influenced development in the area.

He added that the situations leading to he being contested can be attributed to betrayal and lack of leadership.

“I think what is happening betrays the lack of leadership,the lack of elders been able to do what is right, there is no unity in the party in Navrongo and that is why we got one person opposing me, underwise, if the party could withstand the opposition and come to power under my leadership, one would have expected them to say allow honorable Kofi Adda to go one more time”

“What i can say for sure, the 2 people that are behind her, were people that were against me in the last primaries and God being so good, i won the Primaries without them and won the elections as well and most of the people who were with me then, are actively supporting me currently and i know God willing we will win the primaries and 2020?.

“The only person who has not been involved in the politics of Navrongo in a very serious way, such as my sister who has not been involved in any campaign in Navrongo.Once she tells herself and decides to come and say she wants to stand, she has her democratic right to do that and since the party allows that to happen, if she comes here and anybody who want to talk to her to step down and she doesn’t want to step down nobody can stop her from doing that” . He lamented.

Mr. Adda has has however noted that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has been built on democracy and will always give qualified members to contest any position.

“The NPP is a democratic party, anywhere you go, if anybody decides to stand you cannot stop them. We have done quite a lot in Navrongo, particularly myself having been an MP from 2003 until 2012 when we lost for 4 years and we came back 2016”

“The main contribution we have done for the development of Navrongo here is good for everybody, that is why the majority of Navrongo particularly the crowd out here, you can see them, they all endorsed me”. He said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Adda has suggested that his contender,Hon.Tangoba Abayage should be engaged to withdraw her candidature but if she insists, she can go ahead and contest him after all,he will win the primaries.

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