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Politics of Thursday, 21 July 2016


I can bring back Ghana’s lost glory - Osei Yeboah

Jacob Osei Yeboah hints of contesting 2016 elections Jacob Osei Yeboah hints of contesting 2016 elections

2012 independent presidential candidate Jacob Osei Yeboah says he will transform Ghana into one of the modern countries in Africa if not the world with identification management.

The presidential hopeful, who is popularly referred to as JOY 2012 while speaking on Onua FM in Accra, noted that his strategy of modernizing the country’s census system is to ensure that by click of a button, one is able to get all the information needed.

With him, that is the only way issues of nationality will be solved. According to JOY 2012, the current back and forth over the country’s electoral roll is as a result of a weak identification system and this he said can be resolved easily by a working and modernized identification system.

“Why are we having all these challenges with EC with people going to the Supreme Court? It is because we don’t have a good identification system. I will transform our identity system and it shall be the base of setting the country on the path of becoming a resilient economy in the sub-region. All I am asking is Ghanaians should give me a chance and I will bring Ghana back to its lost glory.”

The current unending debate over the voters’ register has made some stakeholders including some political parties and individuals push for a fresh talk on ensuring that the country finally takes a step to have a national identity card which could be the only recommended document that can be used to secure voters identity card.

There are those of the opinion that the two major political parties namely New Patriotic Party (NPP) and National Democratic Congress (NDC) be seen championing processes and policy which will culminate in having a national identity card.

Mr Osei Yeboah told Bright Kwesi Asempa host of Kokromoti, a political programme on Onua FM, that when elected to office come November 7, his first major task is to start the process of making sure that the country has a single identity card in a very short possible time.

“We can do it and I will do it that will be the very first thing I will tackle when given the nod, we need it and it will help in so many ways not only for voters card registration,” he said.


On the upcoming presidential elections, Jacob Osei Yeboah said the world will be shocked when he is declared the winner, saying from what he is gathering on the grounds through his door-to-door campaign tells him that Ghanaians will not settle for either NPP or NDC.

He maintained that majority of chiefs and traditional rulers as well as the clergy are solidly behind him, praying and pushing for victory for him in November. Although he failed to drop any name when he was asked to, he insisted that “I don’t want to break the trust between us Asempa, and I will not sit here to scandalize any chief or a pastor, but they are behind me”.

He also expressed fears that the amount of ammunitions and weapons coming into the country could be used to cause chaos after the elections in event that the results do not favour those who are bringing the guns into the country.

Although JOY2012 did not give the name or faces behind the gun trade, he said his intelligence is infallible and called on the security forces to be on a alert to stop any soul who attempts to put the country on the war path thereby destabilizing the country.

“I know our security men are up to the task and they will keep the peace of this country, the elections will be over but am worried some will do something unthinkable”.

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